6-Channel Class-D Marine Amplifier

  • Class-D audio amplifier
  • Advanced conformal coated PCB
  • Corrosion resistant chassis design
  • SAE J1171 Certified (Ignition protection) +ABYC/NMMA Compliant Terminal Connections
  • 21-step frequency selection (LPF/HPF)
  • Bridge Selector switch controlled by Microcomputer


Pioneer GM-ME600X6 is a Class-D 6-channel marine amplifier that features single-sided ABYC/NMMA compliant terminals and an MCU design featuring built-in high pass and low pass filters (featuring a precise 21-step frequency range), bridged output settings, gain and input selection settings for each of the three pairs of channels (six total channels). The microcomputer Protection Control System (PCS), provides thermal protection, controlled current, and voltage protection to ensure stable output operation. Independent speaker output settings for each channel provide speaker matching flexibility.

class d amp

Class D Audio Amplifier with Micro Controller Unit design (MCU)

Pioneer is a Class D Marine Amplifier features an MCU design, utilizing a microprocessor to enable and control the amplifier’s audio, power and protection circuits.

Digital controlled Class-D Amplifier Circuit

This amplifier features a 32-bit floating-point DSP to modulate the input signal which improves audio performance for the highest levels of accuracy, stability, channel symmetry, and high signal-to-noise performance.

Protection Control System (PCS)

Pioneer’s PCS continuously monitors the input voltage, current consumption, and operating temperature to automatically adjust the amplifier’s output to ensure operational stability during long listening sessions or when installed in high-temperature environments.

Top Chassis Adjustment Access

Extremely flexible in a variety of environmental conditional, the sealed top chassis cover is removable to easily access adjustment setting options.

amp control panel

Advanced Conformal coated PCB

This Class D audio marine amplifier is conformal coated with a thin, protective layer that is non-conductive and applied directly to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). This process protects the PCB from moisture, dust, corrosion, and contamination.

input panel on amp

Single-sided connections

Single-sided terminal connections and adjustment settings on the top chassis allows installation in narrow compartments and provides an improved cosmetic design when placed vertically or horizontally.

close up of input image

ABYC/NMMA standards compliant Connections

This amplifier is compliant with the published ABYC/NMMA standards. It has the new set-screw pressure-type conductor connectors preventing force applied directly to the conductor strands. Stainless-steel power and speaker terminals are corrosion resistant and designed for easy wiring.

PCB Layout and Design

The PCB for this Pioneer amplifier is made of a glass epoxy substrate which is strong, water-resistant, and provides good insulation between layers to minimize interference while promoting accurate signal with increased electrical connectivity.

Flexible Output Mode Adjustment Settings – 6-channel

Three independent channel setting pairs and can be configured in the following output modes: 6-ch (all channels operating in stereo mode); 5-ch (4-ch in stereo mode plus 1-ch bridged); 4-ch (2-ch in stereo plus 2-ch bridged); or 3-ch (3-ch bridged).

Bridge Selector switch controlled by microcomputer

A microcomputer provides controlled current and voltage protection to ensure stable output operation, enabling to switch to “Bridge mode” as well without changing wiring. When in MONO connection, a monaural signal is output which is a mix of left and right channel signals.

SAE J1171 Certified

This amplifier is SAE J1171 certified for external ignition protection of Marine Electrical Devices. This recommended practice covers all electrical devices suitable for use in marine engine compartments and fuel tank spaces.

What’s in the Box

  • 6-Channel Marine Amplifer
  • Two 40-amp ATO fuse (installed)
  • Speaker Line Input RCA Cable (3)
  • Wire Terminal Tool
  • Installation Screws X 4
  • Logo Badge (1)
  • Fuse Cover (1)
  • Cover for RCA Terminal (6)
  • Owner's manual (English/ French)
  • 1 Year Warranty sheet
  • Yes
  • Conformal Coating
  • Yes
  • 2 ohm to 8 ohm allowable
  • 9.3 A x 6-Channel - 4 Ohm (Normal mode) / 14.5 A x 6-Channel - 2 Ohm (Normal mode) / 16.7 A x 6-Channel - 2 Ohm (High mode) / 12. 5 A x 6-Channel - 4 Ohm (High mode)
  • 100 W x 6-Channel - 4 Ohm (High Power) / 100 W x 6-Channel - 2 Ohm (Normal) / 75 W x 6-Channel - 4 Ohm (Normal) / 150 W x 3-Channel - 4 Ohm (mono Normal ) / 100 W x 6-Channel - 2 Ohm (High Po Wer) / 200 W x 3-Channel - 4 Ohm (mono High Power )
  • LPF - A/B/C Ch 50 Hz to 500 Hz / HPF - A/B/C Ch 50 Hz to 500 Hz
  • -12db/oct (A/B/C Ch)
  • 10 Hz to 50 kHz (+0dB,-3dB) A/B/C Ch
  • 40 A × 2
  • 0.2 V to 6.5 V - RCA / 0.8 V to 16 V - Speaker
  • 2 Ohm - 100W x 6 (Normal) / 4 Ohm - 75W x 6 (Normal) / 4 Ohm - 150W x 3 (mono Normal ) / 4 ohm - 100wX 6 (High Power) / 2 ohm - 100wX 6 (High Power) / 4 Ohm - 200W x 3 (mono High Power )
  • 6-Channel
  • 2 Ohm - 100W RMS x 6 (Normal) / 4 Ohm - 75W RMS x 6 (Normal) / 4 Ohm - 150W RMS x 3 (mono Normal ) / 4 ohm - 100wX 6 (High Power) / 2 ohm - 100wX 6 (High Power) / 4 Ohm - 200W RMS x 3 (mono High Power )
  • 75 dBA (Reference: 1 W into 4 ohm)
  • Yes
  • =/< 1% ( 20 Hz to 20kHz) A/B/C Ch
Amplifier Features
  • D
  • Negative
  • Yes
  • 14.4V (10.8 V to 15.1 V allowable)
  • Yes
  • 5.7
  • Pioneer GM-ME600X6 - 6 Channel Marine Audio Amplifier - System Overview

    Pioneer GM-ME600X6 - 6 Channel Marine Audio Amplifier - System Overview