RGB LED Light Kit for TS-ME100WC and TS-ME100WS 10" Speakers

  • RGB Color Illumination of the Woofer Cone for Enhanced Personalization and Cosmetic Integration
  • Compatible with TS-ME100WC and TS-ME100WS

Take your boating experience to the next level with the Pioneer LED Kit (made for the TS-ME100FC and TS-ME100FS). While most marine LED Kits illuminate only the center part of the cone, Pioneer's LED kit illuminates the entire area of the cone. The LED Kit is also more resistant to heat and humidity than the majority of competitors' products and is rated IPX7 for water resistance. Shown in TS-ME100WC with Classic Grille on the left, and shown in TS-ME100WS with White Sports Grille on the right