6x Magnesium Slim Slot USB 3.0 BD/DVD/CD Burner. Horizontal or Vertical Orientation. Supports BDXL™ format. USB Bus Powered.

  • USB 3.0, Super Thin, & Slot Loading Mechanism
  • Horizontal or Vertical Orientation (with included stand)
  • Magnesium Body for Added Strength
  • Supports BDXL, Blu-ray, DVD, and CD media


Suggested Price: $189.99

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    Frequently Asked Questions for the BDR-XU03


    1. - Is connection by USB 2.0 fast enough to watch Blu-ray titles?

    Answer: To watch Blu-ray titles, you need to read the Blu-ray Disc at 1x.  To watch Blu-ray 3D titles, you need to read the disc at 2x.  Connection by USB 2.0 can allow reading of Blu-ray Discs up to 6x, so USB 2.0 is more than enough in most operating environments.  Of course with USB 3.0, its even more than enough.


    2. - Can I see the files I burned to a BDXL disc on any Blu-ray drive?

    Answer: BDXL discs can only be read on BDXL drives.  


    3. - Can I use the BDR-XU03 with any burning/playback/editing software?

    Answer: The BDR-XU03 will work with newer software in a Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP SP3 environment. It will even work with Mac OS X software. However, as with all current Blu-ray drives, it will not work with playback software that does not support Bus Encryption. Bus Encryption was implemented into playback software in 2011.


    4. - Does the BDR-XU03 work in a Mac OS X environment?

    Answer: The drive can operate in a Mac OS X environment (Mac OS X 10.6/10.7/10.8). Use Finder to read and write to Blu-ray, DVD and CD media.  Use DVD player to play back DVD movies.  Blu-ray playback requires additional software (not included).  


    5. - Can I use the drive in a vertical orientation?

    Answer: Yes, the drive can be used in a vertical orientation with the included stand.  


    6. - How can I change the PureRead and Auto Quiet Mode settings?

    Answer: PureRead and Auto Quiet Mode can be configured as well as enabled and disabled with the Pioneer BDR-XU03 Drive Utility. This utility is available for download on this website. 


    7. - I started the Pioneer BDR-XU03 Drive Utility. Why are all the options grayed-out and it says “Target is not found”?

    Answer: Ensure that the drive is connected and recognized by the computer before starting the utility. Ensure that the correct utility (BDR-XU03) is used. Connect the drive to the PC and restart the BDR-XU03 utility.


    8. - Can I connect the BDR-XU03 to a PC through a USB hub?

    Answer: If the USB hub is powered (AC adapter), the BDR-XU03 may work, however the drive’s read and write speed may be reduced. The BDR-XU03 will not work if the USB hub is not powered.


    9. - Why can’t I play Blu-ray titles or high definition copy protected content, but I can play DVDs?

    Answer: From January 1, 2012, all playback software is required to disable analog outputs from the PC for high-definition copy protected content. For such content, an HDCP display (monitor/TV) is required and it must be connected to the PC using a digital DVI (DVI-D), HDMI, or DisplayPort cable. The best way to know if a display supports HDCP is if it has HDMI inputs. The next best way is to look at the display's user manual. When playing non-copy-protected high definition video (such as home videos), or copy protected DVDs, the computer’s analog outputs are enabled and non-HDCP display systems will work. Note: This limitation is not applicable to laptop computers with built-in displays/monitors, only when using external monitors.


    Have additional questions? 

    Contact Pioneer Technical Support at: 800-872-4159