Bass Head SE-CL721-H

In-Ear DJ-Inspired Headphones

  • Authentic performance inspired by decades of professional DJ experience
  • Deep Bass sound tuning
  • Unique design mimics a DJ turntable
  • Also available in Black/Red (SE-CL721-K)


Authentic Performance Inspired by Decades of Experience as the #1 Professional DJ Brand

For over 15 years, Pioneer has been engineering award-winning products trusted by the World’s most respected professional DJs and musicians. With a portfolio of industry firsts including the World’s first scratch CD player and scratch DVD player, Pioneer has been transcending the limits of how enthusiasts emotionally connect with their music through innovative technology, performance and design. Pioneer's range of DJ-inspired headphones distills the essence of their professional products into a compact, stylish and consumer-friendly package available to all music lovers.

Get Closer to Your Music

Pioneer’s professionally-inspired sound tuning heightens the presentation and impact of both high and low musical notes. Similarly implemented in Pioneer’s professional headphone line, this unique tuning philosophy is favored by pro DJs in order to make it easier to time and mix music tracks. Characterized by crystal clear highs, and deep pounding lows, the Bass Head DJ-inspired headphones get you closer to your music and the club scene with an energetic listening experience reminiscent of their award-winning pro models.


Relentless Performance Meets Aggressive Styling

The same passion for quality sound reproduction that drives Pioneer's industry-leading line of professional DJ headphones powers the engineering behind their DJ-inspired consumer models. At the heart of the Bass Head headphone is a pair of 9 mm drivers which can handle up to 100 mW of input power, extremely efficient at translating all of that energy into loud, accurate sound due to its 110 dB sensitivity rating. A high quality OFC Litz cord provides a potent connection to your portable audio/mp3 player. 


Also available in Black/Red Finish






  • Fully-enclosed dynamic stereo headphones
  • 1.2 m
  • 3.5 mm mini-plug, L-type
  • 9 mm
  • 5 Hz to 22,00 Hz
  • 16 Ω
  • 100 mW
  • 110 db
  • 5g (without cord)