Top of the Line Audio Headphone

  • Very Comfortable, Lightweight Design
  • Powerful Bass, High Clarity
  • Includes 6.3mm Adapter and Plush Carrying Pouch


The Pioneer SE-A1000. They’re ready for their screen test.

The Pioneer SE-A1000 headphones are top of the line when it comes to audio aficionados. Made of soft, comfortable, lightweight materials, the large 50mm driver featuring an open air design delivers a robust sound reproduction, with powerful bass and stunning clarity. Its 18ft. fabric-jacketed cord means while the media source may remain stationery, you don’t have to. Get closer to your entertainment for hours on end without concern about waking anyone else in the house. The reviews are in, and the critics are raving.

"I tested the SE-A1000's using a wide range of media as listed above, both before and after a 60 hour burn-in. With each of the songs and movies I listened to (over and over), I found that I was hearing new notes that I'd never heard or noticed before. These surprise notes were mostly in the mid and high ranges, especially in the early tests. After 24 hours of constant play, the drivers began to develop more bass range. After 70 hours of alternating play and rest, the lowest frequencies really began to individualize. In my own experience, I found that the SE-A1000's rendered bass in a new way for me. Lower frequencies seemed to feel wider and and have more physical dimension. At the same time, the mids and highs seemed to open up a bit, becoming clearer and easier to distinguish.........."    Jason Tomcak of Digital Trends™

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  • 6 meters
  • 50 mm
  • 10 - 30,000Hz
  • 45 ohms
  • 1,500mW
  • 12dB/MW