Earbuds - Comfort fit in 3 sizes

  • Small, Medium and Large size fit
  • Crisp Treble & Powerful Bass
  • Lightweight for Sports & Travel


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Lose yourself in the music wherever you are with these high performance earbuds.

Designed for optimum comfort, these lightweight earbuds are perfect for long workouts and commutes.  With powerful bass and delicate treble the SE-CL30 earbuds has quickly become a Pioneer favorite.


Earbuds that stay in your ear comfortably

EarbudsThe SE-CL30 in-ear headphones come with three different sized soft earbud caps.  Small ears? No problem.  Choose the cap size that fits your ear and these earbuds give you a snug fit that lasts. With Pioneer's SE-CL30 you won't have to keep popping in fallen earbuds - these earbuds stay in place for as long as you want.


Freedom of movement

sport earbudsThe SE-CL30 earbuds' cords don't dangle in front of you.  The earbuds' cord runs around the back of your neck to free up the front of your body. With both short and long lightweight cords to your iPod or mp3 player, ripping out your earbuds by accident is almost impossible.  So forget about the earbuds and focus on the music that keeps you going.    


Don't sacrifice the sound

ear budsComfort earbuds don't have to sound hollow. These earbuds were made designed to let you listen to the music you love in the most comfortable way possible.  When using these earbuds, you'll notice new sounds in the music; that subtle guitar rift, the light rap on a symbol, the soft background vocal and the deepness of the moving bass line. The richness and depth of sound let you escape into the music. 


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These headphones have traditionally only been offered in Japan and Europe.  They are now available in the US for you whether you're looking to listen to your music while running a marathon or falling asleep.  

What's in the Box

-Pioneer stereo in-ear headphones
-3 pairs of ear caps
-Pioneer carrying case

1 cent shippingTry the Pioneer SE-CL30 Comfort earbuds and have it shipped for just one penny.  But hurry - this is a limited time offer and these earbuds can only be found on  Order today. 

  • 1.2 Meters
  • 10mm
  • 5 - 23,000 Hz
  • 16 ohms
  • 102 dB/mW