The Ultimate Earbud- Sound & Comfort

  • Great sound reproduction (5-24,000 Hz frequency)
  • Large driver creates super dynamic bass
  • Flex nozzle fits comfortably in your ear



We hear the Pioneer SE-CLX50 earbuds offer extraordinary sound reproduction. What have you heard?

Whatever you’ve heard, now you can hear it more accurately. These closed, sound isolating in-ear headphones do more than just deliver a hi-fi stereo listening experience. They also reduce unwanted ambient noise, isolating your music so you can focus on your enjoyment instead of unwanted distractions.

Quiet comfort.

With its ergonomic Flex Nozzle design, the SE-CLX50 nozzles are angled for better fit in the ear canal, and then padded with a soft silicone material for optimal comfort and sound isolation. Unlike other earbuds, when wearing the SE-CLX50s, your ear is never in contact with hard surfaces - a feature you'll appreciate during extended listening periods.

With 4 different sized earphone tips (included) to choose from, you can tailor the earbuds to fit your ears.

Dynamic Sound.

As dynamic earbuds, the SE-CLX50s are as close to perfect as you'll need. With an extra large driver positioned to sit just outside the ear, these earbuds seal your ear to reduce outside noise and deliver strong bass ordinary earbuds can’t match. The result is richer, fuller music that earbud users couldn’t get until now.

  • 1 m (silver plated for high frequencies)
  • 13.5 mm
  • 5 - 24,000 Hz
  • 16 ohms
  • 100 mW
  • 105 dB