Over-Ear Stereo Headphones

  • Large 40mm drivers
  • 1,200 mW Maximum Input Power
  • Ported bass duct engineered for deep dynamic performance
  • Compatible with most MP3/portable audio devices, including the latest generation iPhone and iPod.

Pioneer SE-M290. How low can you go?

Bass lovers, you may want to sit down for this. The high performance, ported design of the SE-M290 delivers all the low down sound of deep bass you’ve been looking for. Whether it’s music, games or a soundtrack, the dynamic performance of these comfortable headphones puts you and your ears right in the middle of it.

Built for Bass

A newly designed bass duct gets you closer to the deepness of the lows thanks to that small, strategically placed hole on the side. With more room for the driver to breathe, you get more bass and smoother sound.

Muffle the Clatter

No, not the name of a rock band. It’s actually what owners tell us the SE-M290’s do. Their closed design reduces ambient noise so you can immerse your ears, and your soul, into your music.

Headphones you forget you’re wearing

With so little weight to them, and comfortable jersey cushioning around the ears, it’s easy to see how you could forget you’re even wearing them.