Bass Boost Audio Headphone

  • Powerful Bass
  • Lightweight
  • Only Available Direct From Pioneer
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Seal your ears in a room of sound with our bass boost headphones. These headphones are known for being light weight and pounding out a solid bass line. Perfect for listening to your favorite tracks, playing your electric guitar or gaming late into the night without infuriating your roommates or neighbors.

SE-M380 Headphones

Built for Bass

With a newly designed bass duct, you can feel the deepness of the lows. That small strategically placed hole on the side does the trick. It reduces the resistance and vibration inside the headphone which gives you a smoother sound. That is why this headphone is known for producing stronger, richer bass sounds that don’t waiver.

Muffle the Clatter

Owners often comment that these cut off the outside world. Their closed design shuts out all the outside noise and lets you sink into your own music. So shut out the traffic outside your window and that 70s soft rock from the apartment upstairs and focus on your own beats.

Headphones you forget you’re wearing

These headphones have very little weight to them and the cushioning around the ear is really comfortable. It is easy to forget they are there.

These headphones have traditionally only been offered in Japan and Europe. They are now available in the US for the first time and can only be purchased on or at the Pioneer Store in Southern California. So take your bass to a new level by grabbing some of these.



  • 3.5 Meters
  • 40mm
  • 5 - 28,000 Hz
  • 32 ohms
  • 1,500mW
  • 105dB/mW