iPod®/iPhone® USB Interface Cable for Receivers with High Current USB Port (Audio and Video)

  • Enjoy iPod® and iPhone® Direct Control
  • USB and Mini-Plug Connections for Audio and Video Playback
  • Designed for Optimal USB Device Charging 
  • Cable Measures 1' 8"


Use the CD-IU51V interface cable to connect an iPod® or iPhone® directly into the receiver's USB port and mini-jack AV (or AUX input), and gain full, direct, adapter-free control via the receiver interface. The direct digital connection assures you get the utmost audio and video quality from your media.

The CD-IU51V enables audio and video playback and is required for iPod® or iPhone® use with Pioneer Navigation and DVD receivers that feature a high current (1 amp) USB port. The CD-IU51V is backwards compatible with receivers that use the CD-IU50V cable.