Award Winning Team Pioneer Members Set For 2001 Season

Award-winning Team Pioneer members are revved up and set to compete in the 2001 auto sound competition season for the International Auto Sound Challenge Association (IASCA) and United States Autosound Competitions (USAC). Equipped with the latest audio and video equipment from sponsor Pioneer Electronics, team members intend to continue the tradition of excellence. Since its inception in 1999, Team Pioneer has taken home two consecutive first place trophies in the expert class of the IASCA World Finals. Team members include veteran competitors, Dwayne Blackwood, Larry Chijner, Steve Cornell, Bryan Wilkinson and reigning 2000 IASCA Finals World Champion (Expert 1-600), Mark Liggett. Team Pioneer members will compete and represent Pioneer in major IASCA and USAC sound competitions throughout the country starting in Daytona Beach, Florida at the Spring Break Nationals on March 23-25.

Flawless installation, motorization and computer controlled presentations are just a few examples of the "tricks" seen in Team Pioneer vehicles. In addition, exceptional sound quality is the goal for each member to win. Each member spends thousands of hours modifying, installing and tuning the mobile audio systems in their vehicles in order to be competitive in their respective classes.

"Team Pioneer members are die-hard enthusiasts who demand the most advanced products in their competition vehicles," said Keith Burnett, senior marketing manager, car electronics division of Pioneer. "Our team represents Pioneer at its best with unique products and innovative installations."

Team Pioneer vehicles make use of products from Pioneer's multi-branded product mix including Premier. All vehicles are designed with 100 percent Pioneer product to showcase the wide range of products Pioneer offers to competitors. Team members were chosen for their experience, knowledge and enthusiasm in the car audio arena. "The team enables us to field test products and new ideas in the grueling environment of sound competitions, much like what professional racing does for automotive engine manufacturers," said Burnett.

In all events, Team Pioneer will promote the Pioneer brand, provide tuning assistance to fellow Pioneer competitors and promote friendly competition. At major IASCA events, Pioneer will provide a "tweak and tune" area where all competitors with Pioneer products can obtain tuning assistance and advice from Team Pioneer members.

Dwayne Blackwood Pro 600+ '89 Ford Mustang Lake Worth, FL
Larry Chijner Pro 1-300 '93 Cadillac Seville Weirton, WV
Steve Cornell Pro 301-600 '96 Chevy Impala SS Cox's Mill, WV
Mark Liggett Expert '95 Nissan Truck Steubenville, OH
Bryan Wilkinson Pro 1-300 '87 Pontiac Fiero Indian Trail, NC