Measure More of Your Car's Performance with New Vehicle Dynamics Gauges from Pioneer

Most new vehicles come equipped with a speedometer and tachometer in the dashboard to measure the car's performance, but a new car aftermarket product from Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. takes that measurement to the next level with a series of intriguing gauges that measure vehicle performance and displays the data on a Pioneer in-dash audio/video display. The Pioneer AVG-VDP1 vehicle dynamics processor answers the demands of performance-minded automobile enthusiasts who want real-time measurements and data logging analysis. The AVG-VDP1 provides a range of measurements including:

  • Altitude (above sea level)
  • Angular Velocity (turn rate)
  • Clock
  • Compass
  • Forward and Backward G-Force (acceleration and braking)
  • GPS Locator
  • Horsepower (estimate)
  • Lateral G-Force (cornering)
  • Latitude/Longitude
  • RPM (Tachometer)
  • Slope (incline)
  • Speed
  • Torque (estimate)
  • Voltage

Auto enthusiasts continue to install performance products such as exhaust and suspension systems, brake kits or turbochargers to improve their vehicle’s performance. The Pioneer vehicle dynamics gauges help them accurately measure the benefits of those upgrades.

The highly accurate AVG-VDP1 collects data from its internal 3D hybrid gyro sensor, a connection to the vehicle's speed sensor, and GPS to constantly measure the movements of the vehicle. A high-speed processor and graphics engine create an easy-to-read display and built-in flash memory system records performance data.

“In recent years, both the aftermarket performance products market and the aftermarket audio/video markets have grown substantially and are becoming intertwined,” said Michael Townsen, vice president of marketing for mobile entertainment at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “The AVG-VDP1 bridges the gap between these two areas to offer automotive performance-minded consumers with a system to track the benefits of the performance products they install in their vehicle utilizing an effective audio video display.”

Off-Road Use

Features like the latitude/longitude measurement and the GPS Locator are helpful to those auto enthusiasts who enjoy off-road driving. A consumer can set the GPS locator to a particular location, such as a campsite, and spend the day out exploring. When they are ready to return to the campsite, they simply select the designated location and an arrow on-screen will let them know where they are in relation to the campsite in linear distance and direction. While this feature doesn’t offer the same robust route guidance that Pioneer's navigation products provide, it is useful for someone who enjoys off-roading.

Gauge Display

Six different colorful and graphical gauge display modes provide real-time insight of vehicle performance capabilities. These displays can be set to an analog or digital style gauge depending on what is easier for the consumer to read. Gauges can be customized including background color, text color and outside ring (bezel) color – all in an effort to make them easy to read and match the vehicle interior.

The AVG-VDP1 is compatible with all Pioneer Touch-Screen Audio/Video displays, which includes the AVH-P7500DVD, AVH-P6600DVD and AVD-W6210 (sold separately). Pricing and availability will be announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2005.

Pioneer's Mobile Entertainment Divisionis the leading manufacturer of audio, video and information products for in-car use. Its focus is on the development of new digital technologies including audio video, navigation and satellite radio, while maintaining its strong heritage in products for car audio enthusiasts and competitors. The company markets its products under the Pioneer and Premier brand names.  When purchased from an authorized dealer, consumers receive a limited warranty for one year with Pioneer products and two years for Premier electronic products.