Outfitting your Dream Machine. Pioneer Offers Top 10 Gift List for the Car Enthusiast -- from Budget to Blowout

Whether it's the financial commitment we devote to it, the memories it evokes or the sheer number of hours we spend inside it, few products arouse our passion, pride and excitement as fiercely as the automobile. Our cars often reflect our personalities, lives, and aspirations, so it is not difficult to understand the zealousness we exhibit in caring for and outfitting them.

As the holidays approach Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., the longtime industry leader in mobile entertainment, offers a quick list of ideal gifts for the auto buff on your list. A company more-than-familiar with the car enthusiast, Pioneer's recommendations are perfect for those looking to spruce-up their old ride or deck-out a new one. And with options in every price range, consumers have all the answers for the car lover on their list.

1. At the Car Wash: There's something about that fresh-from-the-car wash look that everyone appreciates. The true car lover considers anything less than a pristine appearance, less than acceptable. For the clean-crazed, consider this quick and easy gift idea - a car wash kit. Ranging from $5 to $20, these "super suds" contain special ingredients that preserve and protect your car and enhance its finish - befitting of the real car guy or gal on your list. Car wash kits are available from a variety of manufacturers at auto accessory retailers nationwide.

2. Fashion at Your Feet: Auto enthusiasts spare no luxuries when it comes to their vehicles - even with what rests beneath their feet. Shoppers can head to GG Bailey, an award-winning car accessory supplier, to choose and design plush luxury floor mats for nearly every make and model guaranteed to impress the car fan on your list. Prices vary depending on customization but start for as little as $35 (visit www.ggbailey.com for more info).

3. Protect your Prize: Owners have strong emotional and financial ties to their cars. Make sure they avoid the pain and frustration of having their prized possessions damaged or stolen and give the gift of peace of mind. Made by Winner International, The Club is one of the most popular and cost-effective automotive security measures and is now available in a variety of colors and retails for between $50 and $100 (www.winner-intl.com).

4. The Ultimate Driving Companion: Imagine road trips that don't get boring. Today's satellite radio services deliver unlimited coast-to-coast music, news and talk with over 100 digital channels available anytime, anywhere making your drive more exciting than ever. Beamed from satellites, subscribers to the service feel as if they truly have received a gift from the heavens. Pioneer offers several satellite radio tuners that can be connected to most car stereos. Pioneer digital satellite radio tuners ranges from $150 - $200 and are available at major electronics retailers, for more information click on (www.pioneerelectronics.com).

5. Tuck it away: Heat, dust, tree sap, moisture and bird droppings can ruin the look and feel of the valuable paint of your car. An effective and easy solution to protect your paint while your car is parked in the open is a car cover. California car cover company (www.californiacarcover.com) can make a cover for your specific vehicle, protecting it from the harsh elements. In fact, covering your car everyday keeps it clean longer which reduces the need for weekly car washes. Custom fit car covers range from $120 - $500.

6. Now Hear This!: Ask anyone serious about cars about their sound system and there is sure to be an enthusiastic response followed by talk of speakers, subwoofers and more. Consumers should consider a top-quality audio upgrade for the car devotee on their list. Companies such as Pioneer offer countless options to improve their sound system from new head units and speakers to mobile DVD entertainment systems. Products range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand (www.pioneerelectronics.com)

7. Not Victoria's Secret: This invisible "bra" is the latest way to protect your car's expensive new paint job. Made by Clear Armor the invisible bra is a durable, translucent urethane film that adheres to various parts of the car (i.e. the front bumper) offering protection from flying debris that can create nicks and scratches. A great gift idea and simple answer to avoiding automobile eyesores. The Invisible Bra from Clear Armor Inc. varies in cost from $799 - $1599 (www.cleararmor.com)

8. Hot Wheels: Changing wheels and tires on an automobile is like giving a car a face-lift. It can do wonders. Larger wheels from manufacturers and shops like Axis Sport Tuning (www.axiswheels.com) and Wheel Power (www.wheelpower.com) can make an older vehicle look new and guarantee an ear-to-ear grin from the car enthusiast. Of course, new wheels also demand reliable high-quality tires such as those from Yokohama (www.yokohamatire.com). The cost for refitting wheels and tires can run anywhere from $600 - $4000 or more depending on manufacturer and model.

9. Show the Way: Car lovers are usually about as eager to ask for directions as they are to park in a dark, deserted lot. Unfortunately, not every car buff is gifted with a keen sense of direction. Pioneer can point these wayward souls to the solution - a state-of the-art voice-activated navigation system. Pioneer's NAV-SYS900DVD system offers safe, fast door-to-door directions to any location. With over 2 million points of interest in its database, it can also help identify the nearest ATM, restaurant, hotel or gas station (to actually get gas). This high-end system even offers DVD playback, so you can pull over for a movie break instead of a mapping session. Prices for Pioneer navigation products range from $1800 - $2800 (www.pioneerelectronics.com)

10. New Ride: A brand, new car. The look, the smell the feel...the ultimate gift.