Pioneer's New Amplifiers Made For The Value-Minded Consumer

Pioneer Electronics, the established leader in car electronics products, today introduced a new line of GM-X Series amplifiers, designed to provide massive power and deliver great performance with a price tag for the value-conscious consumer.

Pioneer's new GM-X line was redesigned from the ground up using the Premier Reference Series amplifiers as a platform. The amplifiers are designed to be powerful enough for subwoofers without compromising sound quality needed for midrange speakers and tweeters.

"We're designing products that suit the needs of our customers. In amplifiers, they want - lots of power and performance at the right price," said Keith Burnett, vice president of marketing, Pioneer Car Electronics Division.

The new GM-X Series includes five amplifiers: three 2-channel and two 4-channel. The 2-channel amplifiers vary in continuous power rating from 40 watts x 2 to 100 watts x 2. All of the 2-channel amplifiers can be bridged to 4 Ohm mono to produce more power than the rated power specifications. In the 4-channel versions, Pioneer offers two models, the GM-X554 (50 Watts x 4) and the GM-X354 (35 Watts x 4). These amplifiers are intended to power smaller speakers and provide greater control for critical vocal and high frequency sound.

The cosmetic design of the new amplifiers gives them a radical new look. Pioneer used a two-toned motif of pearl white with a gray fade for the heatsink and yellow side panels. The striking cosmetics were intended for displaying in amp racks as well as demo boards.

  GM-X352 GM-X552 GM-X952 GM-X354 GM-X554
4 Ohm Stereo 40W x 2 50W x 2 100W x 2 35W x 4 50W x 4
2 Ohm Stereo 50W x 2 75W x 2 150W x 2 40W x 4 60W x 4
Bridged 4 Ohm 100W x 1 150W x 1 300W x 1 70W x 2 120W x 2
Built-in Crossovers 80 Hz (12 db) LPF 80 Hz (12 db) LPF 80 Hz (12 db) LPF 80 Hz (12 db) LPF Variable (40Hz-120Hz) LPF & HPF
Speaker Level Inputs yes yes   yes yes
Gold Terminals   yes yes   yes
Gold RCAs   yes yes   yes
RCA Through Outputs       Full Range Full Range
Hi-Volt Input 0.4 - 6.5V 0.4 - 6.5V 0.4 - 6.5V 0.4 - 6.5V 0.4 - 6.5V
Estimated Market Price $100 $150 $200 $180 $250
Availability Jan. '01 Jan. '01 Jan. '01 Jan. '01 Jan. '01