Pioneer Adds 65,000 Colors to Any Dashboard with Newest Single CD Player

Full Color Organic Electroluminescence Illumination in Four Pioneer Car Stereos

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today unveiled four high-end single CD players that will light up any dashboard with vibrant colors from their organic electroluminescence (OEL) display panel. The Pioneer DEH-P9800BT and DEH-P7800MP and Pioneer Premier DEH-P980BT and DEH-P780MP are the first in-car products to use Pioneer's full-color OEL display.  All four CD players have a 256 X 64 resolution screen to provide users with rich colorful backgrounds and control images unaffected by sunlight. In addition to exceptional design, two players include built-in Bluetooth wireless connection (DEH-P9800BT and DEH-P980BT), and all four offer customizable vehicle dynamics gauges, rotary control, full iPod control capability, XM and Sirius Satellite Radio connectivity, and built-in auxiliary inputs for other portable players.

“Consumers change the stock stereo systems for two reasons: to update the look of the dash and improve the sound quality. We're doing both with these new players,” said Larry Rougas, vice president of marketing and product planning for the mobile entertainment division of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “We're also adding attachment features based on consumer demand for the ability to connect an iPod or a wireless connection to a cell phone.”

The Pioneer DEH-P9800BT and Pioneer Premier DEH-P980BT flagship CD players offer:

  • BLUETOOTH® Wireless Technology Built-in – Wireless technology is on the rise for its convenience. Bluetooth wireless technology, a short-range wireless technology, is built-in to these single-CD car stereos enabling a driver to connect as many as five Bluetooth-enabled cellular phones for hands-free operation. A microphone supplied with both units allows the user to answer and make phone calls directly from the car stereos.  Telephone conversations take place through the vehicle's speaker system. In both units, the car stereo stores an entire phone book for voice activated phone calls, caller ID and hands-free operation.
  • Audio Streaming – Enables users to wirelessly transmit music and control (play, stop, pause, track up/down/forward/rewind) their Bluetooth enabled portable audio player through the Pioneer headunit using Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP).

All four car stereos offer the following technology:

  • Full-Color Organic Electroluminescence Display – Organic EL display, first introduced by Pioneer in 1998, revolutionized display technology because of its extreme brightness, low current consumption and wide viewing angle. Pioneer's full color OEL display delivers up to 65,000 colors that produce unbelievable photo realistic graphics for text information, making it easier for drivers to see data at a glance. Animated backgrounds also can be set.
  • Vehicle Dynamics Gauges – Further utilizing the OEL technology, the players feature basic vehicle dynamics gauges for cool visual effects. The three modes are:
    • Tachometer meter – RPM graph showing peaks and valleys
    • Triple gauge display – RPM, voltage and sound meter simulates analog gauges
    • Running tachometer – Digital representation RPM, voltage and wattage
  • Customizable Dual-Layer Graphic User Interface – For added personalization, the two layers of display (background and graphics) are completely customizable. A variety of screen savers, background pictures and level indicators can be downloaded by visiting Pioneer's OEL website ( Personal images can also be loaded into the players through the special website.
  • 7-Way Rotary Commander – More popular than ever, the 7-Way Rotary commander is used in many Pioneer players to control 90 percent of the features and functions of the unit. The rotary commander combines the operation of a rotary knob, joystick and button to control most Audio and Function features. This is particularly helpful in swift retrieval of music files.
  • Auxiliary Input – Integration of other portable devices is easy with built-in auxiliary inputs. Each unit features a mini-jack port for quick connection of any portable device allowing the user to hear content from a portable music player through the Pioneer stereo.
  • iPod® Ready – Along with an optional CD-IB100 iPod adapter, Pioneer’s car stereos provide complete control of the highly popular iPod device through the IP-Bus. The 256 X 64 OEL panel can display multiple lines of information to show album, artist and song names while the integrated rotary commander scrolls through music content. User interface is highly improved to access music quickly.
  • Multi-Language – Each unit provides users a choice of three languages: English, Spanish or French.
  • Satellite Radio Ready – The new CD players are SIRIUS and XM Satellite Radio ready, giving consumers a choice in service. Access to more than 120 channels of music, sports and news are available with both services using an optional tuner and paid subscription.

Pioneer's Mobile Entertainment Division is the leading manufacturer of audio, video and information products for in-car use. Its focus is on the development of new digital technologies including audio video, navigation and satellite radio, while maintaining its strong heritage in products for car audio enthusiasts and competitors. The company markets its products under the Pioneer and Premier brand names. When purchased from an authorized dealer, consumers receive a limited warranty for one year with Pioneer products and two years for Premier electronic products.


  DEH-P7800MP DEH-P9800BT Premier
Full-Color OEL Display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vehicle Dynamics Gauges Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity - Yes - Yes
Supertuner IIID Yes Yes Yes Yes
7-Way Rotary Commander Yes Yes Yes Yes
RCA Preouts Triple
5 Volts
5 Volts
5 Volts
5 Volts
Built-in DSP 16-Band 16-Band 16-Band 16-Band
Easy EQ Yes Yes Yes Yes
MCD Control Yes Yes Yes Yes
Satellite Radio Control (XM and Sirius) Expanded Expanded Expanded Expanded
Character Display 16 char. 16 char. 16 char. 16 char.
Remote Control 10-Key Card Remote 10-Key Card Remote 10-Key Card Remote 10-Key Card Remote
Wired Remote Input Yes Yes Yes Yes
Crossover 2-Way Independent 2-Way Independent 2-Way Independent 2-Way Independent
Auto EQ / Time Alignment - - - Auto
Compressed Audio playback iTunes AAC/ MP3/WMA iTunes AAC/ MP3/WMA iTunes AAC/P3/WMA iTunes AAC/MP3/WMA
Bit Media Expander Yes Yes Yes Yes
Burr-Brown 24 Bit DAC Yes Yes Yes Yes
iPod Compatibility Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced
Disc Title Memory (48) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auxiliary Input Rear Rear Rear Rear
Multi-Language – English, Spanish, French Yes Yes Yes Yes
CDR PC-Link Capability Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Flap Motorized Yes Yes Yes Yes
Detachable Face Yes Yes Yes Yes
Limited Warranty from Authorized Dealer 1 year 1 year 2 year 2 year
Suggested Price $420 $550 $420 $570
Availability Apr. 06 May 06 Apr. 06 May 06