Pioneer Adds New Cosmetic Upgrades and Bold New Performance Improvements to Mainstream Amplifiers

Pioneer Electronics, the established leader in car audio electronics, shows off exciting new cosmetic upgrades and bold new performance improvements in their popular GM-X series amplifiers. Adopted from last year's successful Premier PRS-series design, the new GM-X amplifiers take on a similar aggressive look, boasting a unique gray anodized finish, polished lines and a chrome badge. Performance technologies and enhancements such as double-sided PCB, MOSFET outputs, surface mount components and thermistors have been implemented. "These amplifiers don't just look good-- they'll also outperform most amplifiers twice their price," comments Todd Goodnight, brand manager, car electronics division. "We wanted to design an amplifier ideal for any type of application," adds Goodnight.

In the GM-X series amplifiers, Pioneer has redesigned the PCB board, adopting a double-sided configuration. This decreases the number of jumpers, resulting in a more reliable and efficient amplifier. For applications for driving subwoofers or connections to multiple speakers, Pioneer has added MOSFET outputs working with the MOSFET power supplies to enable the amplifier to deliver twice the output power.

The top of the line model, GM-X944, features a new versatile crossover design. The new crossover design adds a "band-pass" option for connection to mid-range speakers, in addition to the high pass and low pass connection types. Installation becomes easier because this new design eliminates the need for an outboard crossover.

These new amplifiers utilize a new process called "Type III Hard Coat Anodizing" to maximize heat transfer to the heatsinks. This technique, also used in high tech applications such as satellites and the space shuttle, allows the MOSFET transistors to be directly mounted to the heatsink. By coating the surface with a clear finish, the mounting area becomes electrically non-conductive, and maximizes heat dissipation through "metal-to-metal" contact to keep the amplifier's temperature cool.

To detect potential overheating problems, Pioneer added Thermistors in different parts of the amplifier. This automatically decreases the amount of electrical current consumption and prevents damage to the unit.

Pioneer's new feature and cosmetic enhancements assure that either a novice or an audiophile looking for different types of features will find what they need in the new GM-X series amplifiers.

KEY FEATURES of Pioneer and Premier amplifiers include:

  • Type III Hard Coat Anodizing: maximum heat transfer
  • Double Sided PCB: less jumpers for increased performance and reliability
  • Surface Mount Components: increased reliability due to precision placement of components by robotics
  • Thermistors: located in three parts of the amplifiers (power supply, left and right outputs) to prevent overheating.
  • Crossovers: high-pass, low-pass and band-pass (GM-X944) for increased installation flexibility