Pioneer Amplifieres Provide Massive Power and Versatility

Power and performance are packed into the new GM series amplifiers introduced today by Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.  These Pioneer and Pioneer Premier amplifiers were developed to produce outstanding sound quality without the premium price expected from similar products, and include features such as crossovers, bass boost and speaker level input.  All of the new Pioneer amplifiers are compliant with the new CEA-2006 power standards.  The new line of amplifiers includes:

  • Two mono amplifiers: GM-7100M (Pioneer), GM-7150M (Premier)
  • Two 4-channel amplifiers: GM-6100F (Pioneer, GM-6150F (Premier)
  • Two 2-channel amplifiers: GM-5100T, GM-3100T (Pioneer)

“The GM series has the perfect balance between performance and value,” said Michael Townsen, director of marketing for mobile entertainment at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.  “Consumers shouldn’t have to sacrifice sound quality when it comes to affordable amplifiers.  We want to make it affordable for our customers to have a complete package – CD or DVD unit, speakers and amplifier – for the best possible sound quality.”

The new amplifiers take on a more modern cosmetic design with a black heat sink and brushed metallic finish on the Pioneer amplifiers and a gray heat sink and shiny black finish on the Premier amps.  Both lines feature a cool blue power LED.  To maximize heat dissipation even at extreme output levels, extra thick extruded aluminum casing was used.

Mono Amplifiers

The GM-7100M and Premier GM-7150M mono amplifiers provide high output power at 250W x 1 (4-Ohm), 360W x 1 (2-Ohm); making them perfect for power hungry subwoofers.  Each amp has a low pass filter (LPF) at 40-240Hz (-12 dB/Oct), bass boost at 50 Hz (0/6/12dB), speaker level inputs and input sensitivity from 200mV-6.5V.  Exclusive to the Premier model is a wired bass remote allowing users to increase their subwoofer output with a turn of knob.

Four Channel Amplifiers

The GM-6100F and Premier GM-6150F are perfect for consumers looking for a single amplifier to power up both front and rear speakers without the need to add extra components such as crossovers.  Each amp produces 60W x 4 (4-Ohm), 150W x 2 (4-Ohm), and is equipped with RCA pass through outputs and speaker level inputs (200mV-6.5V) to make installation easy.  The GM-6100F includes a built-in independent low pass/high pass 80Hz (-12dB/Oct) filter, and the Premier GM-6150F includes a built-in independent adjustable low pass/high pass 40~120Hz (-12dB/Oct) filter.

Two Channel Amplifiers

Pioneer’s GM-5100T and GM-3100T feature high power output, low pass filter and speaker level inputs that make either amplifier ideal for powering mid/high speakers.  The GM-5100T includes a bass boost at 50 Hz (0/6/12dB) and produces 125W x 2 (4-Ohm) and 380W x 1 (4-Ohm Mono).  The GM-3100T produces 60W x 2 (4-Ohm) and 150W x 1 (4-Ohm Mono).

All amplifiers will be available in January with estimated market price ranging from $100 to $230.

Pioneer’s Mobile Entertainment Division is the leading manufacturer of audio, video and information products for in-car use. Its focus is on the development of new digital technologies including audio video, navigation and satellite radio, while maintaining its strong heritage in products for car audio enthusiasts and competitors. The company markets its products under the Pioneer and Premier brand names.  When purchased from an authorized dealer, consumers receive a limited warranty for one year with Pioneer products and two years for Premier electronic products.

Pioneer Amplifier Specifications


          Premier Premier
  GM-3100T GM-5100T GM-6100F GM-7100M GM-6150F GM-7150M
  2-Channel 2-Channel 4-Channel Mono 4-Channel Mono
Maximum Output 300W 760W 600W 800W 600W 800W
4 Ohm Power 60W x 2 125W x 2 60W x 4 250W x 1 60W x 4 250W x 1
2 Ohm Power 75W x 2 190W x 2 75W x 4 360W x 1 75W x 4 360W x 1
Bridged 4 Ohm 150W x 1 380W x 1 150W x 2 - 150W x 2 -
Built-in Crossovers 80 Hz (-12 dB) LPF 80 Hz (-12 dB) LPF 80 Hz (-12 dB) LPF/HPF
40~240 Hz (-12 dB) 40~120 Hz (-12 dB) LPF/HPF
40~240 Hz (-12 dB)
Bass Boost - 50 Hz
(0/6/12 dB)
- 50 Hz
(0/6/12 dB)
- 50 Hz
(0/6/12 dB)
Wired Bass Remote - - - - - Yes
MOSFET Power Supply Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Speaker Level Inputs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
RCA Through Outputs - - Full Range - Full Range -
Hi-Volt Input 200 mV ~ 6.5V 200 mV ~ 6.5V 200 mV ~ 6.5V 200 mV ~ 6.5V 200 mV ~ 6.5V 200 mV ~ 6.5V
CEA-2006 Compliant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MSRP $110 $175 $220 $220 $240 $250
Availability January January January January January January