Pioneer Creates A New Face In Display Technology: Advanced Organic EL makes it possible to personalize car stereo face plate display

Pioneer Electronics, the company that invented the detachable face technology for car stereos, again revolutionizes the industry with the first face plate that can display a personalized screen saver. As a result of Pioneer's Advanced Organic electroluminescence (OEL) technology, each user can create a unique screen saver by downloading a still image to the headunit display.

Organic EL was originally released by Pioneer in 1999 and is now taken to the next level with the ability to download images directly to the face of the radio. In addition to still images, OEL's open architecture and 3-D image capability make it possible to display a motion action file as a screen saver. "There are endless possibilities to personalize the display on your car stereo. You can take any still image you desire or even a memorable short video and display it like a screen saver on your radio," said Keith Burnett, vice president of marketing, Pioneer Car Electronics Division. A customer who wants to download an image to his or her car stereo will simply bring the face plate from one of two Pioneer single-CD players (DEH-P930 or DEH-P9300) to a select Pioneer retailer. The retailer will use image-editing software for Windows 98 and a PC Link kit to download a jpeg, bit-map or AVI file to the face of the radio. The system allows each radio to store a total of 5MB of generated images including 1MB for personalized custom screen savers. The unit comes with seven factory-generated screen savers such as CART racing, space travel and flight of the bird.

"This technology allows consumers, with help from their dealer, to fully customize their radio. Images can be changed endlessly enabling consumers to personalize their headunit," said Burnett. "It's fun for the consumer to change their radio display and it's good for the dealer who will be able to attract repeat business from people who come in to update their face plate."

The process of downloading files is simple and flexible. The user can select a full image or a portion of the image to fit the approximate display size by using a frame that pops up on the computer screen. To create an animated screen saver from a still photo, the user simply chooses the first and last frame from a single image and the software automatically creates the inside frames to animate the file. The appearance of the animated screen saver will be smooth because of Organic EL's fast refresh rate.

OEL provides full-motion, three-dimensional gradient images to give consumers better display interaction. Additionally, multi-color Organic EL provides a very wide viewing angle, without loss of visibility from sunlight or a bright environment. The benefits of multi-color Organic EL technology include:

  • Fast refresh rate for vivid three-dimensional images;
  • Wide viewing angle with high visibility under any brightness condition;
  • A self-emitting device, OEL eliminates the need for back lighting;
  • Very low voltage requirements
  • Ultra-thin panel.