Pioneer Dominates the Competition at 2006 DB Drag World Finals

Scott Owens and Kyle Witherspoon Take the World Champion Title at DB Drag World Finals for Second Year in a Row

For the second year in a row, defending champions Scott Owens and Kyle Witherspoon of Edge Audio dominated the competition at the dB Drag World Finals in Louiville, Kentucky this past weekend.  Both of their vehicles, fully equipped with Pioneer Premier® SPL subwoofers, amplifiers and headunits, were crowned the loudest vehicles in the world, within their categories.  Owen’s 2002 F-250, which competes in the Extreme 5+ class, posted a sound pressure level (SPL) of 178.3 dB while Witherspoon’s 2004 Scion xB in the Extreme 2 category produced an SPL of 176.4 dB.

“The competition keeps getting tougher, but Pioneer continues to produce products that can withstand and deliver the higher pressure levels,” said Scott Owens, competitor and owner of Edge Audio. “The Pioneer subwoofers and amplifiers surpass every torture test we put them through, especially in the death match competition.  Anyone who’s serious about getting into this sport and hopes to win needs to compete with Pioneer gear.”

Owen’s vehicle is the first to break the 180 dB mark in the dB Drag competition.  He recently captured the 2006 IASCA idBL Ultimate 3 trophy and set the world record in that event with an SPL of 180.3 dB.  He is the first competitor to surpass the 180 dB barrier to own the “Loudest Car in the World” title.  The sound pressure level his vehicle produces is equivalent to standing next to a rocket during take off.  His 2002 Ford F-250 competes with 13 Pioneer Premier TS-W5102SPL subwoofers powered by 52 PRS-D5000SPL amplifiers, 128 16-volt Kinetic batteries and three Ohio Generator 285-amp alternators producing more than 157,000 watts of power. 

Witherspoon also was successful at the 2006 IASCA World Finals securing a first place trophy and world record in the Ultimate 1 division with an amazing sound pressure level of 177.2 dB using only two subwoofers.  His 2004 Scion xB competes with two Pioneer Premier TS-W8102SPL 15-inch subwoofers powered by eight PRS-D5000SPL amplifiers, 24 Kinetic batteries and three Ohio Generator 250-amp alternators, producing more than 24,000 watts of power. 
“We’re out to prove to the community and the industry that the Pioneer SPL speakers and amps are not to be taken lightly in these competitions,” said Larry Rougas, vice president of marketing and product planning for mobile entertainment at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.  “Scott’s and Kyle’s recent wins and world record titles attest to Pioneer’s engineering capability in building high performing, quality audio products.”