Pioneer Electronics Introduces a New Value Added Cassette Deck to Analog Recording Lineup

Pioneer Electronics, the innovation leader in consumer recording devices, introduces a new affordably priced full-featured cassette deck -- CT-W208R.

The CT-W208R is a dual well cassette deck offering Auto Reverse play/record on both decks allowing hours of continuous playback of your favorite tunes. Deck one is for playback only, while deck two allows for either playback or recording. Both decks offer Dolby B, C, and HX Pro noise reduction schemes for high quality playback and recording from virtually any source.

When recording from deck one to deck two the CT-W208R offers High-Speed recording allowing for fast duplications. Trying to locate a favorite song on the CT-W208R has never been easier. Simply press the music skip button and the player will fast forward to the next song, or, press the button several times to advance several songs.

A fluorescent digital readout displays linear elapsed time or conventional elapsed time so you never have to worry how much recording time is left.

To virtually eliminate noise associated with vibration, the CT-W208R features a honeycomb chassis and large insulator feet.

The CT-W208R is available in February at a suggested retail price of $220.00.