Pioneer Improves Popular TS-A Speaker Line-Up With Tweeter|Midrange Technology And New Cosmetics

Pioneer Electronics, the largest speaker manufacturer in the world, today announced its 2001 line-up of TS-A speakers with improved high-frequency response, higher power handling and new cosmetics.

The TS-A line-up employs a tweeter/midrange diaphragm made of foamed Pearl PolyCarbon (PPC). Produced using a similar technique used for foamed IMPP cones, the foamed PPC cone is an exceptionally light material that can efficiently produce high-frequency sound. The material also produces an extremely rigid cone with low mass, which results in exceptional sound quality while maintaining high sensitivity.

"As the leading speaker manufacturer, Pioneer is always researching and testing new materials to provide the best possible sound quality for our customers," said Keith Burnett, vice president of marketing, Pioneer Car Electronics Division.

In addition to increased power handling, the TS-A series has a refreshing new appearance, using a special, pearlized effect. The new cones have a golden-blue tone that stands out, even behind the protective grill.

The TS-A line-up will be available beginning January 2001 with a price range from $80 to $150. The line-up includes the following models:


  • TS-A6985
  • TS-A6995
  • TS-A6855
  • TS-A6865
  • TS-A1765
  • TS-A1665
  • TS-A1655
  • TS-A1365
  • TS-A1355

Pioneer Premier:

  • TS-606
  • TS-605
  • TS-505