Pioneer Offers Next Generation Mobile Audio|Video Products to create an integrated entertainment center on wheels

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., today unveils its next generation of in-car audio/video products, leading the mobile entertainment industry as consumer vehicles evolve into an integrated entertainment centers on wheels. Pioneer is changing the consumers' in-car experience to create a more exciting, interactive environment while offering affordable solutions to in-car video entertainment.

New product introductions include:

  • two headunits that integrate the display, power source and master control into a DIN chassis, eliminating the need for a hide-away box
  • a single DVD player with dual zone capability
  • a six-disc DVD changer
  • an overhead widescreen monitor
  • a new TV tuner
  • two complete mobile DVD entertainment systems that offer a quick, easy-to-install solution

"The mobile environment is rapidly changing and today's visual entertainment products are the driving force," said Michael Townsen, vice president of marketing for mobile entertainment at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. "Pioneer has made it a point to offer solutions that are more affordable and easier to install. And, we're utilizing more voice activation to aid in controlling the products making them safe to use while driving."


Pioneer's two new headunits (AVH-P6400 and AVH-P6400CD) combine motorized 6.5-inch, widescreen 16:9 TFT active matrix display with MOSFET 50W x 4 amplification, FM/AM tuner, P-Bus control, three Hi-Volt pre-outs, composite input and video output, all in an easy-to-install DIN chassis. The AVH-P6400CD also includes a CD player.

Both units are ready to control Pioneer sources such as DVD players, CD changers, TV and XM tuner. The volume control knob, Easy EQ, Audio, band and angle adjustment buttons are also part of the face of the units making them user-friendly. Each unit has one input for an optional back-up camera for safety.

DVD Players

The heart of any in-car theater system is the playback source. All of Pioneer's audio/video systems rely on DVD for the playback source to enable the best possible audio and video quality.

Pioneer's single DVD headunit (DVH-P7000) is designed for the consumer who wants to provide a great central entertainment center with playback of DVD-Video/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R/DVD-RW. The DVH-P7000 can also provide multi-channel Dolby/DTS 5.1 channel surround using the optional DEQ-P7000 multi-channel processor. The DIN sized player is XM-ready for satellite radio and includes Easy EQ, dual RCAs, one video output and one audio/video output. It includes Pioneer's signature Organic EL display. In dual zone mode, the unit can play DVD movies for rear passengers using headphones while front passengers listen to AM/FM or optional XM transmission.

Pioneer's new 6-disc DVD changer (XDV-P90) offers playback of DVD-Video/CD/CD-R/CD-RW. The DVD changer utilizes a 96kHz/24-bit D/A, optical digital output and a built-in MPEG2/1 decoder, providing full digital surround sound for the ultimate in-car theater experience when used with the Pioneer AVM-P9000R master unit. The changer integrates the video output with the AV Bus connector making installation faster and easier than ever.

These two new DVD players join Pioneer's current models which include: AVX-P7300DVD in-dash 7" monitor with DVD player, SDV-P7 single DVD player and the CEA Innovations Award-Winning AVIC-9DVD navigation system.

Complete Entertainment Package

For the consumer who wants a quick solution to a complete car theatre package, Pioneer offers two systems. The AVH-P7480DVD includes an in-dash motorized LCD monitor with built-in DVD player, master control unit and remote commander. The AVH-P7490DVD offers the same system with the addition of Dolby Digital / DTS 5.1 channel processing to the system for digital surround sound plus a center channel speaker.

Overhead Display

The visual focal point of any rear entertainment package is the monitor. Pioneer's new AVR-W6100 overhead wide screen display completes any in-car entertainment system with a simple, affordable and user-friendly solution.

The AVR-6100 uses the best 6.5 inch TFT widescreen display in a flip down, swivel mechanism, allowing rear passengers to adjust the screen to their viewing angle. The overhead console can easily be integrated to any sport utility vehicle, mini-van or car by using the stock internal dome light. For ease of installation, the compact design console includes:

  • an infra-red transmitter for wireless headphone
  • pass through remote eye repeater for non-Pioneer VCP or DVD sources
  • three Audio Video inputs (one available in front of console for quick access)
  • one output
  • more than 30 vehicle specific consoles available through Steel Horse

Voice Control

Pioneer will expand its control capability by adding voice control through its next generation DVD navigation software. Once the AVIC-9DVD with the new software is added to the AVH products, all sources linked to the system can operate by vocal commands. Voice control can be used for most common functions including changing presets, skipping tracks, skipping discs in a DVD or CD changer or skipping chapters in a DVD movie, changing bands and EQ settings. More than 400 commands in English, French and Spanish can be voice controlled for added safety.

"Once you begin using the system, it seems as if the voice command functions are endless," said Townsen. "Simply press the voice button on the Pioneer remote control, and the unit will ask for your command. The user can then reply by saying, "skip to track 11." and the unit will automatically begin playing the 11th song on the CD. It's as easy as that."

Pioneer's Mobile Entertainment Division is the leading manufacturer of audio, video and information products for in-car use. The company markets its products under the Pioneer and Premier brand names. Its focus is on the development of new digital technologies including visual/audio, navigation, and satellite radio, while maintaining its strong heritage in products for car audio enthusiasts and competitors.

Features and Specifications

  Features Availability Estimated Market Price
In-Dash Monitor      
AVH-P6400CD 6.5" in-dash motorized widescreen monitor, single CD, AM/FM, XM ready, MOSFET50, remote control, voice control capable April TBA
AVH-P6400 6.5" in-dash motorized widescreen monitor, AM/FM, XM ready, MOSFET50, remote control, voice control capable April TBA
AVX-P7300DVD single DVD Current $1800
DVD Players      
DVH-P7000 Single play DVD/CD, Organic EL display, AM/FM, XM ready, MOSFET 50, dual zone capability April TBA
DEQ-P7000 Multi-channel processor April TBA
XDV-P90 6-disc DVD/CD/Video CD player May TBA
SDV-P7 Stand-alone DVD player Current $500
Rear Entertainment      
AVR-W6100 6.5" widescreen overhead flip down monitor, infra-red headphone transmitter, 2 video inputs, 1 ouput May Current
GEX-P6100TV TV tuner for AVR-W6100 with amplified May TBA
AVD-W6000 6.5" widescreen monitor, two video input, one video output Current $650
AVD-W6010 6.5" widescreen detachable monitor, two video input, one video output Current $900
AVD-W8000 8" widescreen monitor, two video input, one video output Current $1200
TV Tuners      
GEX-P6400TV 4 Channel diversity antenna, IP input/output, audio video output April TBA
Complete Entertainment Package      
AVH-P7490DVD AVX-P7300DVD, AVM-P9000R, CD-R10 remote, center channel speaker May TBA
AVH-P7480DVD AVX-P7300DVD, AVM-P8000R, CD-R10 remote May TBA