Pioneer Premier SPL Components Shatter Four World Records and Collect Five 1st Place Finishes at 2005 Spring Break Nationals

Scott Owens and Steve Cook Set World Records in dB Drag Racing, IdBL and MECA Competitions

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., the largest speaker manufacturer in the world, congratulates Scott Owens and Steve Cook for their big wins at the 2005 Spring Break Nationals in Daytona, winning in the dB Drag, IdBL and MECA competitions.   Owens used 13 Pioneer Premier 12-inch TS-W5000SPL subwoofers and 52 PRS-D5000SPL amplifiers to produce an outstanding 176.6 dB of sound pressure in the Extreme 5+ dB Drag event, IdBL world record of 178.8 and an MECA world record of 176.2 dB in his Ford F-250.  Cook not to be outdone set world records himself using 16 Premier PRS-D5000SPL amplifiers in his Dodge Caravan, establishing a sound pressure world record of 175.0 dB in the Extreme 3-4 dB Drag event and 177.1dB world record in IdBL.  

“Throughout the event, we’re hitting big numbers without a problem.  The new Pioneer PRS amplifiers crank out massive power and combined with the SPL subwoofers, produce some serious bass,” said Scott Owens, SPL competitor.  “We hit multiple world records that’ll be hard to beat this year.”

“It’s unbelievable what the new Premier amplifiers put out,” said Steve Cook, SPL competitor "They are so powerful that I need to reinforce my van to withstand the pressure!   This is just the beginning, things will definitely keep going up from here."

“The 2005 Spring Break Nationals is one of the major events for SPL competitors because it jumpstarts the season,” said Michael Townsen, director of marketing for mobile entertainment at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “It is also the first time the PRS amplifiers were utilized for competition.  In conjunction with our SPL subwoofers, the amplifiers performed as expected, withstanding the pressures of SPL competitions.”

Engineered to produce power without restraint, the new Pioneer Premier digital mono amplifiers offer the extreme performance required for sound pressure level (SPL) competitions.  The Premier PRS-D5000SPL and PRS-D3000SPL digital amplifiers match the capabilities of Pioneer’s SPL subwoofers.  Pioneer amplifiers rival any other bass amplifier in the market, providing the performance required for SPL competition as well as everyday use.

Scores and Records:

Scott Owens:
dB Drag:  1st Place, Extreme 5+ (175.8, 173.3, 176.6)
dB Drag:  World Record, Extreme 5+ (175.8)
IdBL:  1st Place, Ultimate 4 (179.0, 178.8)
IdBL:  World Record, Ultimate 4 (178.8)
IdBL:  Highest Score Ever Recorded in IdBL (179.0)
IdBL:  Highest Score Ever Recorded on Audio Control System (179.0)
MECA:  1st Place, X3 (176.2)
MECA:  Highest Ever Recorded in MECA (176.2)

Steve Cook:
dB Drag:  1st Place, Extreme 3-4 (175.1, 175.0)
dB Drag:  World Record, Extreme 3-4 (175.0)
IdBL:  1st Place, Ultimate 3 (177.2, 177.1)
IdBL:  World Record, Ultimate 3 (177.1)

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