Pioneer SPL Amplifiers Generate Extreme Power

Powerful Digital Amplifiers Provide the Power and Performance Needed for Competition

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. is rolling out its new line of competition grade SPL amplifiers, designed and engineered to generate massive power necessary for extreme sound pressure levels.  Much like a V-8 engine, the new Premier PRS-D2000SPL and PRS-D1200SPL digital mono amplifiers have the muscle power to handle multiple subwoofers for intense bass.  Features in the line-up include class-D circuitry, multi-amplifier synchronization system (MASS) technology, 1-Ohm stability and bass boost control.

“We’ve staked our claim as champions of numerous SPL competitions working with Scott Owens who broke the 180dB barrier with Pioneer technology.  The knowledge gained from those competitions went into the development of these new amps,” said Larry Rougas, vice president of marketing and product planning for the mobile entertainment division of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. 
The 411:
The Premier PRS-D2000SPL and PRS-D1200SPL use class-D circuitry for a significant increase in efficiency when amplifying low frequency sound.   Pioneer’s exclusive MASS system allows the SPL amplifiers to be externally bridged, multiplying the power capacity when several amps are strapped together.  Conveniently when using multiple amplifiers, the MASS system simplifies gain control by allowing one “master” amp to control the gain and crossover settings on the remaining MASS-linked amplifiers.   

The amps are 1-Ohm capable, allowing multiple subwoofers to be connected.  An included bass boost remote allows the user to increase bass output from the front seat, ideal for quickly adjusting the amplifiers to multiple types of music - especially those with lots SPL competitions of low frequency beats. Bass boost frequencies are variable between 40 Hz to 120 Hz, at levels from 0-12 dB. 

Good Looks:
Cosmetically, the Premier SPL amplifiers are dressed to impress with large die cast aluminum heat sinks in a matte black finish.  Badged with the Premier logo, blue LED light and silver end caps, these amps will turn heads at the next big show.

Bass hungry consumers can purchase the Pioneer Premier PRS-D2000SPL and PRS-D1200SPL for $1100 and $700 respectively starting in July ‘07.

Pioneer’s Mobile Entertainment Division creates car stereo gear for music lovers who are looking for style and substance.  It is the leading manufacturer of GPS navigation, audio and video for hip cars and trucks.  Check it out at



 4 Ohm Mono  750W x 1  500W x 1
 2 Ohm Mono  1500W x 1  1000W x 1
 1 Ohm Mono  2000W x 1  2000W x 1
 Maximum  4000W x 1  2400W x 1
  Built-in Crossovers  40-240 Hz (-24 dB) LPF  40-240 Hz (-24 dB) LPF
 Bass Boost  40-120 Hz (0/6/9/12dB)  40-120 Hz (0/6/9/12dB)
 Subsonic Filter  20 Hz (-18dB)  20 Hz (-18dB)
 Hi-Volt Input  200mV – 6.5V  200mV – 6.5V
 Gold Terminals  yes  yes
 Gold RCAs  yes  yes
 Suggested Price    
  July 2007