Pioneer Subwoofer Create History At 2003 dB Drag World Finals

Scott Owens’ Ford F-250 SPL Truck Hits 173.3 Decibels with Pioneer Subwoofers

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., the largest speaker manufacturer in the world, made sound pressure level (SPL) history at the 2003 dB Drag Finals held October 26 in Nashville with its Premier TS-W5000SPL subwoofer. Scott Owens, owner of Edge Audio in Phoenix, used nine Premier TS-W5000SPL 12-inch subwoofers in his 2002 Ford F-250 SPL truck to win in the Extreme 9+ category with 173.3 decibels, establish the SPL world record in the category with 172.2 decibels and defeat top SPL competitors in the “death match” competition with an average decibel level of 166.8.

“The dB Drag competition is the ultimate proving ground for the TS-W5000SPL. Pioneer has proven it can build subwoofers to outperform other well known brands in this arena,” said Keith Burnett, vice president of product planning for mobile entertainment at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “Congratulations to Scott Owens for his outstanding achievement.”

Scott Owens is an established SPL competitor. He's known for building eye-catching demonstration vehicles and record-making SPL vehicles. Now he is making history with Pioneer Premier SPL subwoofers.

“I knew I was going to be able to break the record with these speakers when I was pulling a consistent 171dB in practice just a month ago. The TS-W5000SPL handled all the torture I put it through,” said Owens. “It's incredible that these subwoofers easily held through the gruesome five minute death match competition without any problems. It proves how well the Pioneer subs are built.”

Owens began developing the truck in May 2002, breaking it down to the frame for the construction of the subwoofer enclosure to hold nine Pioneer Premier TS-W5000SPL subwoofers. In order to withstand the enormous pressure produced in the truck, steel bars were used to reinforce the frame of the enclosure. The windshield was also replaced and reconstructed with 2-1/2-inch thick plexi-glass. Each door of the truck weighs more than 200 pounds and utilizes 1” x 2” aluminum hinges to hold it in place. To prevent air leaks, crucial in competition, the air inside the truck is vacuum-sealed much like a bank vault. The truck holds 36 amplifiers, 72 16-volt Turbo Start batteries and three Ohio Generator 285-amp alternators and produces 115,200 watts of power.

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