Spring Cleaning Has Never Driven so well

Helpful Tips for the Spring to Keep your Car Looking and Driving its Best

The days are longer and the weather warmer, which means people are emerging from their winter hibernation for some fun in the sun. Why not take to the road with style and show-off what a little spring-cleaning can do for your car?

Instead of funding a new vehicle this year, mobile entertainment leader Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. offers ideas to spruce up your car for spring and summer road trips. From bargain hunters to high rollers, this list is sure to please every car enthusiast.


At the Car Wash: Don't underestimate the difference a good cleaning can do for your car's appearance and your image. Invest $30 or less in a car wash nozzle and blast away the dirt and grime without the labor of the average sponge and bucket. These nifty gadgets are available with different water pressure nozzles, removable soap compartments and easy-to-handle ergonomic designs.

Revitalize the Engine: Make your engine purr in an instant by simply changing the oil and cleaning the filters. Look for a lube-oil-filter shop that will give you a full ten-point inspection checking everything including the air filter, windshield washer fluid, brake pads and tire pressure. It's like breathing new life into your engine for less than $25 dollars.


Rumble in the Jungle: Many factory stereo systems are missing that heart pounding bass. Turn some heads with an affordable subwoofer that will help fill out the missing dimension in your music. Pioneer offers a new line of subwoofers capable of handling high power wattage starting with a manufacturer's suggested retail price as low as $100.

Expand the Selection: Clean out your collection of dusty cassette tapes and spring into the new century with CDs that play MP3 and Windows™ Media Audio files. Look for single CD players that offers compressed audio playback and consider a Pioneer system. The Pioneer players feature a digital speed-read mechanism that accesses MP3 and WMA files at less than a second similar to CDs.

Movies on the Go: Road trips will take on new meaning with the latest in-car audio-video systems. Pioneer offers an innovative dual zone system that will amaze away friends and family. While your driver comfortably enjoys listening to XM satellite radio in the front seat, you and your buddies could be checking out a DVD movie or gaming on PlayStation2 in the back. Catch all the action on headrest monitors or a 6.5-inch overhead monitor. Complete systems range in price starting at a manufacturer's suggested retail of $1600.


Wheels in Motion: Just like getting new shoes for the season, adding new tires and wheels can make a big difference in the impression your car will make this spring. Consult a great tire and wheel resource like Tire Rack for expert advice on look, fit and performance (www.tirerack.com).

How Low Can You Go? To make an immediate impact, lower your car by inches with a custom kit delivered to a body shop near you. There is a wide selection of brand names and services starting around $250. Consider checking out Eibach Springs (www.eibach.com).

Getting a Facelift: If you want to give your car a true physical change consider one of the hottest trends in car tuning today, aerodynamic body enhancements. You're sure to be noticed by adding specialty bumpers, side skirts or a retro spoiler (www.versusmotorsport.com).

Go on. Spoil yourself and your car, and make this spring season a ride that you'll remember.