LIVE! In Sheet Metal Shops Nationwide Pioneer's Iindustrial DVD-Video Players Present 3-D Safety Training

Pioneer's DVD-V7400 Industrial DVD-Video Player Brings Interactive Safety Lessons To Shop Class

Pioneer's DVD-V7400 industrial DVD-Video player brings a new breed of safety instruction to the sheet metal industry, keeping apprentices plugged-in and active during important training classes. Complete with virtual 3-D sheet metal shop tours and state of the art graphics meant to demonstrate real-world safety situations, the DVD-Video disc designed collectively by Meta Media and the Sheet Metal Occupational Health Safety Trust (SMOHIT) creates an interactive safety learning experience for the sheet metal industry.

Lightweight and compact, Pioneer's industrial DVD-Video players are ideal for presenting video based safety information in a variety of locations including training facilities or job sites, allowing certified instructors to travel to locations where it is most needed. The flexible features of the Pioneer DVD-Video players allowed SMOHIT to provide shop safety instructors with the ability to quickly navigate through more than 24 hours of training footage. The ease of navigation allows trainers to customize safety lessons based on the specific sheet metal machinery that the students use and the training they need, providing instant access to relevant information with the scan of a barcode or a click of a mouse.

Using Pioneer's DVD-Video player, DVD Barcode reader and pre-printed barcodes included in the SMOHIT DVD-Video teaching guide, instructors can focus on relevant video segments for the individual sheet metal shop or apprentice they are teaching. This flexibility provides tailored training for all students and locations no matter what their specialty or skill level. When scanned, the barcodes provide immediate access to particular video clips about safety procedures for particular machines. The seamless search capabilities of Pioneer's DVD players provide instant access, allowing trainers to avoid the previously timely task of fast-forwarding or rewinding VHS tape during the lessons. These versatile capabilities allow for information to be accessed on demand, providing instructors with creative options for testing and reviews while allowing them to present only the relevant information to their students while also saving valuable training time.

"Using Pioneer's DVD-Video player with the optional barcode reader gives us the freedom to formulate more interactive safety instruction, bringing apprentices into the learning process," said Gary Batykefer, Administrator of Heath of Safety for the Sheet Metal Occupational Health Institute. "Pioneer's DVD-Video player and barcode reader allows instructors to customize lessons and show full motion video to demonstrate real life safety situations, making the often burdensome task of shop safety instruction an informative and entertaining endeavor."

Instructors can also incorporate the video blackboard component of Pioneer's DVD-V7400 to further customize safety lesson plans. By simply connecting a keyboard and mouse to the front of the DVD-Video player, instructors can type text or draw objects right on the screen to highlight specific practices or equipment. Instructors can even insert graphics over important sections and save them into the DVD player's memory without permanently altering the disc content. Since safety operations change based on the type of machines used, highlighting the differences is paramount. The blackboard feature enables instructors to point out and emphasize those differences.

Further illustrating the versatility of Pioneer's DVD-Video player is its lightweight and compact design. Weighing in at only 10.5 pounds (8-1/4"Wx4-1/16"Hx16-1/8"D), Pioneer's DVD-V7400 industrial DVD-Video players allow shop safety instructors to relocate video training to job sites or offsite classrooms. With the ability to move the player to actual job locations, instructors can show a clip of a safety technique, then have students practice it immediately on location. In addition, unlike projectors that require regular maintenance, the durable DVD-Video players can run continuously throughout the day without incident - providing sharp and crisp images for a flawless presentation. In fact, the industrial design of the DVD-Video player makes it ideal for enduring the rigors of daily use in a training environment.

"Pioneer built the DVD-V7400 to address the needs of both interactive and mobile training applications," said Linda Toleno, vice president of sales and marketing for Pioneer's Business Solutions Division. "The barcode and video blackboard capabilities of the player allow trainers to customize their instruction while the design of the DVD-V7400 provides both reliability and mobility."

Using Pioneer's DVD-Video player, SMOHIT was able to create a DVD that includes subtitling in both English (for the hearing impaired) and Spanish for mixed apprenticeship classes, adding flexibility to allow instructors to play narrative in English and have subtitles simultaneously showing in Spanish. In addition, the disc contains two audio tracks, one with only ambient shop and machinery sounds and the other with English narrative, allowing instructors to further customize the disc for specific use.


SMOHIT is a Joint Labor and Management Trust whose mission is to provide industry leading health and safety solutions that will minimize occupational illnesses and injuries in the Sheet Metal Industry. We serve over 123,000 members of the Sheet Metal Workers International Association. (SMIWIA) and 4,100 members of the sheet metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association (SMACNA). Eligible SMACNA contractors can purchase the Shop Safety DVD for a special introductory price of $750.00. SMOHIT packages their software with Pioneer's DVD-Video player and ships it across the world at an affordable price. SMOHIT is currently the only organization producing shop safety in DVD. The new technology is sure to catch on, changing the face of safety instruction.


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