Pioneer's Trophy Shelf Filling Up Quickly For PRV-LX1

Best of Show Award Received at 2004 NAB from Digital Video Professionals Association

Pioneer’s PRV-LX1 has received rave reviews since its release last year, including the Best of Show Award from the Digital Video Professionals Association received during the National Association of Broadcasters Conference last month. This latest award is in addition to previous awards received, including the 2003 Broadcast Engineering Pick Hit and the 2003 Video Systems Pick Hit awards.

“Video professionals should take most of the credit for creating such an award-winning product,” said Linda Toleno, vice president of industrial video and mass storage for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “Our engineers worked closely with end-users to create the features that make the PRV-LX1 a simple but powerful video recorder that truly stands out from the crowd. Its easy set-up and operation enables users to become familiar with its many features and capabilities quickly, so they can easily put it to work for their business.”

The PRV-LX1 is designed to record video from all professional video sources onto DVD-R or DVD-RW media without the need for a PC or authoring system. It features simple operation with a wide range of features and functions that complement any video production environment, and it has a future-proof modular design for adding features in the future. It comes equipped with a 120GB internal hard disk drive and one DVD-R/RW recordable drive with an optional second DVD-R/RW drive. The PRV-LX1 easily tackles one-step conversion of video assets to DVD, easy authoring of video projects and archiving video to the highly compatible DVD-Video format.

The Digital Video Professionals Association is the largest organization devoted exclusively to meeting the needs of those who use DV technology. To achieve these high standards, DVPA offers members exciting benefit and discount programs that directly impact on DV professionals' work life. These programs are built to specifically enhance members' creativity, speed up work performance, and help relieve the significant costs associated with DV production.

Pioneer's Industrial Video Group is the leader and technical innovator in professional DVD-Video products for a variety of industrial markets.  It is a part of the Business Solutions Division, which provides professional business-to-business products across a wide range of markets including cable television, professional video/audio, education, medical, legal and banking.