Pioneer Demonstrates Innovative, Professional DVD-Video and Storage Products at DV Expo East Conference. New DVD Recorders Enable a Smooth Transition to Digital Technology.

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. is showing a series of DVD products, storage solutions and recorders designed to help professional video and audio users transition from analog to pure digital technology. The products, which will be showcased at this week's DV Expo East conference at booth 425 in the Jacob Javits Center in New York, offer the flexibility, reliability and compatibility to transition to the digital realm.

Product highlights include:

  • Professional DVD Recorder (PRV-9000): Utilizing DVD-R/RW technology, the PRV-9000 records discs with the touch of a single button in real time, creating DVD-R discs that offer the highest level of compatibility of any DVD recording format. Also on display at the booth will be a PRV-9000 connected to the Canopus non-linear editing system to show one of the wide-ranging applications for the unit.
  • NEW Portable DVD-Video Player (PDV-LC20): The portable player with detachable display, will playback DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-Audio and Video CD discs.
  • Computer DVD Writer (DVR-A04) - Recently launched, fourth generation DVD burner supports DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-R and CD-RW for maximum compatibility at a suggested retail price of $499.
  • FlexLibrary Storage System (DRM-7000): Enhanced DVD media archival system provides double the capacity of previous models for storing up to six terabytes of video material. Disc-flipping mechanism and double-sided media enable increased storage capacity.
  • Network Storage Solution (DRM-1004): This 100-disc DVD/CD Jukebox supports DVD-R, CD-R and DVD-ROM. It holds 100 discs and is custom configurable with an internal DVD-Recordable drive, ideal for near on-line network access to data.
  • DVD Recording Media: A full line of DVD-Recordable and re-recordable media will be on display including general recording DVD-R and DVD-RW media. Media capacities range from 3.95 GB to 4.7 GB, and are also offered in printable versions.

"Pioneer understands the professional video markets and has created a range of products that help save time, space and money, while maintaining the highest level of reliability," said Andy Parsons, senior vice president of industrial video/mass storage sales and marketing for the Business Solutions Division of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

DVD Products

With the capability of producing highly-compatible discs, coupled with real time, real simple one-button recording, the PRV-9000 is ideal for archiving, training materials, video transfers and any application where the ability to efficiently and easily record to DVD is essential.

Pioneer's PRV-9000 is the only professional DVD recorder that utilizes the time-tested DVD-R format for write-once recording and DVD-RW for rewritability. DVD-R discs are the most compatible DVD recording format, playing in most existing DVD playback devices. DVD-RW discs also offer compatibility with many existing DVD players and DVD computer drives..

The PRV-9000 offers IEEE 1394/DV Input/Output (i.Link) that allows users to record digital component video from a DV source. It also offers S-Video, composite and RF analog video inputs. When purchased through an authorized dealer, Pioneer includes a two-year warranty and a 24-hour technical support/loaner program.

In addition to the professional DVD recorder, Pioneer is showcasing its fourth generation computer drive offering DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-R and CD-RW recording and playback capabilities. When paired with DVD authoring software, the DVR-A04 computer drive makes it simple to author video content and record to a DVD.

Pioneer's new portable DVD-Video player the PDV-LC20 is an ideal complement to Pioneer's PRV-9000 Pro DVD-Video Recorder, as discs created in the PRV-9000's Video Recording (VR) mode can be played back on the PDV-LC20 player.

Pioneer's DVD playback tool for high use environments, the DVD-V7400 industrial DVD-Video player is ideal for use in training facilities, corporate presentations, education, exhibition halls, broadcast centers, retail stores and kiosks that require constant operation.

Storage Products

Pioneer's FlexLibrary™ (DRM-7000) is the most advanced DVD library storage system available. A new disc-flipping mechanism and double-sided media increase the maximum storage capacity to six terabytes of information.

When paired with technology like Core Digital's Asset Management, the FlexLibrary becomes a complete, cost-effective media archive solution able to digitally create, log, store, index, search and distribute valuable video and audio assets. It is a tremendous space and cost saver, replacing large tape libraries.

Pioneer's DRM-1004 network storage solution offers 65GB of total data storage with less than three seconds disc change time. This high-performance, mid-range network storage solution is ideal for quick, reliable performance in a high-demand network environment.