Pioneer Previews Video Wall Cube Screen With Mullion Width Less Than One Millimeter

Pioneer New Media Technologies, the world's leading provider of video walls, is introducing an advanced screen for its ultra-thin video wall cube with an industry-leading mullion width of less than one millimeter. Allowing for virtually seamless image displays, the new product is being previewed at Booth 2129 during INFCOMM '99 in Orlando, Florida. Available in September 1999, the new screen — the RM-2550S2 — will be offered as an option to the standard four millimeter mullion screen that comes with Pioneer's RM-2550U/E, a new thin video wall featuring a 50-inch cube in a cabinet measuring only about 29 ½ inches in depth. As with the standard screen, the RM-2550S2 is designed for each individual cube and provides an attractive solution to the more bulky and expensive full wall screens.

"As the video wall industry leader, Pioneer continues to drive innovations that enhance the viewing performance of this display format," said Craig McManis, director of marketing for Pioneer New Media Technologies. "By nearly eliminating the mullion, Pioneer's new screen creates a smooth, seamless-looking image while taking advantage of our thin video wall's large-format display capabilities and space-saving format."

McManis added that the new screen and video wall combine to create an ideal display system for entertainment, retail, restaurant, concourse, arena and hospitality uses. Moreover, they underscore the continuing strength of CRT technology as the preferred medium of choice for those seeking solutions for large scale, fixed site video wall display applications.

Made primarily from acrylic, Pioneer's advanced cube screen reduces the mullion width through a state-of-the-art design. Unlike standard cube screens, the RM-2550S2 is comprised of material that reduces distention caused by heat. By minimizing heat-generated expansion and contraction, the screen can be held by a slimmer mullion since it maintains a more consistent shape. While it offers a thinner mullion, the RM-2550S2 can be retrofitted to existing Pioneer thin video wall cubes. Pricing for the new screen is expected to be announced in late Summer 1999.

The RM-2550S2 is the latest in a series of advancements to Pioneer's industry-leading line of video wall products, the most recent being the introduction of the RM-2550U/E ultra-thin video wall. With the versatility to be stacked up to three high while being configured to any length, this innovative cube series offers performance as well as or better than conventional video walls for picture quality, brightness and viewing angles.

For more information on Pioneer's new thin video wall and other industrial display products from Pioneer New Media Technologies, log onto Pioneer's Web Site (WWW.PIONEERELECTRONICS.COM) or call (800) 926-4329.