Pioneer Provides The First Ever Combination DVD|CD Recordable Drive To The Macintosh Market

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Pioneer Drive Offers Most Compatible DVD/CD Capabilities
Ideal for Consumer Audio and Video Desktop Editing

Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc. [NYSE: PIO], the leader in recordable DVD technology, announced today that the Pioneer DVR-103 recordable DVD/CD drive is integrated in select new Power Mac G4 systems. This remarkable combination drive is targeted for home video editing and professional-quality DVD recording alike.

"Pioneer has achieved a new milestone with the DVR-103 drive," said Hani Gabriel, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Optical Systems Division for Pioneer. "This is an exciting new product and we?re very pleased that Apple will be offering our latest DVD recording technology."

DVD-R is a 4.7GB write-once DVD format that is compatible with most existing video players and DVD-ROM drives. Pioneer¹s DVR-103 drive writes and reads DVD-R, CD-R and CD-RW media, and also reads CD-ROM and DVD-ROM discs. The drive offers up to 4.7GB of storage capacity on a single sided DVD disc.

"For the first time, Macintosh users have a cost-effective way to convert their video creations into their own DVD discs," said Paul Dempsey, president of Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc. "The DVD-R format provides an excellent medium for both consumers and professional video users alike to showcase their work using standard DVD video players and ROM drives."

"The blazingly fast new Power Mac G4 combined with Pioneer's new DVD/CD recordable drive and innovative Apple software such as iTunes and iDVD provides a powerful solution for easily making your own CDs and DVDs," said Philip Schiller, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing.

Pioneer New Media Technologies

As an industry leader in the digital marketplace, Pioneer New Media Technologies Inc., continues to provide the industry?s most innovative technologies for professional and industrial business applications. World's first technologies introduced by Pioneer include recordable DVD-R drives, multiple-disc CD-ROM changer, mass storage DVD library and first multifunctional optical drive capable of reading and writing to both M-O and WORM, and combination DVD/CD recordable drive.

The optical division's products include DVD-R and DVD-ROM drives, DVD/CD library systems, M-O/WORM optical drives and media, and DVD-R media for a wide range of applications in the education, government, legal, banking, medical, insurance, finance, industrial and general business markets. The company is also a leading supplier of DVD-ROM drives to the majority of first tier OEM PC manufacturers. For more information, contact Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc. at 2265 E. 220th Street, Long Beach, Calif. 90810; phone (310) 952-2111 or (800) 444-6784; URL: