Pioneer Purevision Plasmas Offer Most Flexibility to End Users Removable. Bezels, Open Architecture, Touchscreen Panels Make Good Business Sense

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. will showcase a series of innovative plasma products that provide tremendous flexibility to end users as well as the highest-quality resolution in the industry. Leading the company's exhibit at this week's InfoComm convention and trade show will be its PureVision( XGA industrial plasma displays that offer the company's open architecture expansion slot and four upgradeable expansion boards developed to add unique functionality to the displays. Other highlights include the removable bezel for unusual installations and a new touch screen device that transforms Pioneer's 50-inch industrial plasma into a convenient and accurate interactive presentation tool for all types of touch-panel applications. These unique features make Pioneer plasma displays a smart business investment for end users who want to be assured of flexibility for various applications and the ability to easily upgrade with future technologies. To demonstrate the remarkable flexibility of its plasmas, Pioneer will invite trade show attendees to test their luck at an 8-foot tall "slot machine" made from three vertically-mounted plasma displays.

"Pioneer succeeded in creating plasma displays that offer the greatest versatility to the end-user," said Craig McManis, vice president of marketing for home entertainment at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. "We recognize that an investment in plasma is a significant decision for any company, and savvy executives recognize the features we offer make Pioneer plasmas the smart business choice."

Open Your Eyes to the Possibilities Pioneer's open architecture expansion slot enables third party developers to create upgradeable expansion boards to add functionality for practically any application imaginable. By utilizing a removable expansion board, end-users can change their plasma display to meet changing needs, virtually future-proofing the plasma investment. Expansion boards on display will offer high definition, video wall processing, wireless enabling, touch-screen capability and multi-PC functionality.

"We've invited several companies to join us at InfoComm to showcase how their expansion boards can enhance the abilities of Pioneer's plasma displays," said McManis. "The expansion slot creates unlimited possibilities for end-users. Expansion boards enable the plasma displays to be changed and repurposed for different uses as a company's needs change."

Pioneer Offers Flexibility at InfoComm 2002 Reveal the Unlimited Opportunities By creating a removable bezel, Pioneer has made it easier for system integrators to customize unique displays that meet specific needs. Other plasmas limit the ability to incorporate the display into a larger design, while the Pioneer PureVision displays were created with that flexibility in mind. The plasma slot machine utilizes three vertically-mounted 50-inch plasma panels in a design by Digital Factory that would not have been possible without a removable bezel to increase flexibility.

"When Pioneer asked us to build a slot machine from plasma displays, we knew it could be a fun project or it could be a nightmare because of the difficulty of working with some displays," said Jim Hackett, vice president of Digital Factory. "Then they told us that their new displays offered a removable bezel and we knew right away that we could make it work - and that their plasmas would look great."

Transform Your Display with a Single Touch Plasma displays are already recognized as excellent tools for presentations. Pioneer takes it one step further with the launch of the PDK-50HW2 plasma touch-screen device that transforms the company's 50-inch industrial plasma into an easy-to-use interactive presentation tool. Pioneer's high-speed infrared scanning system offers optimal performance with bright, clear images by attaching the device to the bezel of the plasma and not covering the plasma surface, which can diminish brightness. Users can write or draw directly on the display with a finger or a dedicated pen, adding comments, highlighting information or making changes to the on-screen display.

The Industrial Display Group of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. is the leading provider of plasma and video display products for business use. Pioneer introduced the industry's first 50-inch high definition plasma display in 1997 and continues to deliver innovative third-generation display solutions for professional audio/video, information technology, trade show, broadcast, legal, medical, education and transportation applications. In an effort to provide the highest quality of customer care, Pioneer professional plasma displays that are purchased through an authorized dealer, include a one-year warranty with convenient on-site service and technical support.