Pioneer Showcases Expansions Slot Technology and Removable Bezels with Ultimate Plasma Slot Machine. Three Vertically-Mounted, 50-Inch Plasma Displays Comprise the Wheels of Ultimate Slot Machine

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., a leading provider of plasma display products, has created the ultimate plasma "slot machine" from three vertically-mounted, 50-inch XGA PureVision( industrial plasma displays. During this week's InfoComm conference and trade show, participants will be able to test their luck at the Pioneer plasma slot machine in the company's exhibit, booth #23069 at the Sands Convention Center. Anyone who visits the booth will have a chance to win a prize by pulling the handle of the oversized slot machine, causing various images to appear on the PDP-503CMX plasma screens, giving the appearance of wheels on a slot machine.

"Las Vegas is synonymous with slot machines and Pioneer is synonymous with crystal clear plasma displays. What better application for our plasma displays than the ultimate Vegas slot machine?" said Craig McManis, vice president of marketing for the home entertainment division of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. "Whether you win or lose when you pull the handle, you'll be impressed with the image quality of Pioneer's plasma displays."

Digital Factory, the company that designed the slot machine application, was able to create the complex display because the Pioneer industrial plasmas offer a bezel that can be easily removed, which allows for custom installations. This versatility enabled them to design and engineer the custom slot machine.

Another key feature of the PDP-503CMX is its open architecture expansion slot that was developed to enable third-party manufacturers to create expansion boards, increasing the capabilities of Pioneer's plasma displays as new technologies emerge. The open architecture expansion slot offers compatibility with DVI, FireWire (1394), TCP/IP and any other analog or digital data signal available now or in the future. System integrators and end-users have new-found flexibility as numerous expansion boards enter the market to provide high definition, video wall processing, wireless enabling, touch-screen capability and multi-PC functionality.

Pioneer's third-generation plasma displays boast numerous unique proprietary technologies that enhance brightness, clarity, contrast and resolution, in addition to providing unparalleled application flexibility. In addition to the open architecture expansion slot and the removable bezel, the PDP-503CMX offers:

  • Pure Color Filter, a feature that decreases external light reflectivity to bring forth a higher contrast even in direct light environments.
  • Deep Encased Cell Structure virtually eliminates nearby light leakage from other cells, resulting in a brightness that is 60 percent greater than Pioneer's previous models.
  • Digital Enhancer, a pixel-by-pixel image enhancement that provides a more natural and sharper rendition of characters by increasing data display clarity.
  • Advanced Continuous Emission Display Technology improves gradation rendering and color reproduction, achieving crisp, detailed picture quality.
  • True XGA Resolution (1280 x 768 for 50-inch and 1024 X 768 for 43-inch model) in a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio delivers bright and even colors, better contrast rations and clearer images with more than 160-degree viewing angles.
  • Energy Star-recognized Power Save function that reduces normal power consumption by 20 percent, as well as overall increases in bright area contrast levels that have resulted in sharper high-definition images even in the brightest of locations.
  • Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) Certification offers built-in Windows and Macintosh support.

"Last year at InfoComm we announced the concept of an open architecture expansion slot for plasma displays. This year, there are four expansion boards entering the market and a dozen more in development," McManis said. "It's a clear endorsement of the open architecture and its ability to help future-proof the plasma investment."

The suggested retail price for Pioneer's PDP-503CMX is $15,500.

The Industrial Display Group of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. is the leading provider of plasma and video display products for business use. Pioneer introduced the industry's first 50-inch high definition plasma display in 1997 and continues to deliver innovative third-generation display solutions for professional audio/video, information technology, trade show, broadcast, legal, medical, education and transportation applications. In an effort to provide the highest quality of customer care, Pioneer professional plasma displays that are purchased through an authorized dealer, include a one-year warranty with convenient on-site service and technical support.