Pioneer Simplifies DVD Recording With New Pro DVD-Video Recorder

Pioneer's PRV-9000 Allows Users to Create Highly Compatible DVD-Video Discs in Real Time

Pioneer Electronics' Business Solutions Division, the recognized leader in industrial video/optical disc technology, on October 26, 2001 announced the introduction of its first generation desktop Pro DVD-Video Recorder. In real-time, Pioneer's PRV-9000 can record a DVD-Video disc without the need for any additional hardware or software. The suggested retail price of the PRV-9000 is $2,050.00 and units will begin shipping in the US, November, 2001.

The PRV-9000 is a playback and recording device aimed at multiple markets and industries where compatibility and ease of use are critical. With the PRV-9000 users can record video onto DVD discs using either DVD-R (write-once for general use)or DVD-RW (re-recordable) discs. In addition, the PRV-9000 features the ability to play multiple disc formats including: DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-R and CD-RW media. DVD Video, CD Audio and Video CD discs can all be played on the PRV-9000.

Offering flexible recording time capacities, Pioneer's PRV-9000 is equipped to record up to six hours of video onto one DVD-RW disc using Video Recording (VR) mode. In the highly compatible DVD-Video mode, the PRV-9000 can record either one or two hours of material on either DVD-R or DVD-RW media. In VR mode the PRV-9000 can achieve simple and flexible editing functions, including sorting or deletion of specific titles and segments from the disc.

Unlike some set-top recorders currently on the market, DVD-R discs created using the PRV-9000 are compatible with most consumer and professional DVD players currently in the marketplace. The PRV-9000 records analog audio and video (composite and Y/C) as well as digital camcorder (IEEE 1394) A/V signals. Recording and creating high quality DVD discs for playback in a variety of applications is now simplified with no authoring or computer system required. The PRV-9000 provides users with the ability to create high quality DVD-Video discs with the press of a single record button. 

"Pioneer's PRV-9000 addresses the need for standalone DVD-Video recorders in the professional marketplace," said Linda Toleno, vice president of sales and marketing for Pioneer's Business Solutions Division. "With the capability of producing compatible programming coupled with real time, real simple one-button recording, the PRV-9000 is ideal for all types of professional uses, including archiving and training or video transfers where the ability to efficiently and easily record to DVD is essential."

Pioneer's pro DVD-Video recorder features IEEE-1394 Firewire, S-Video and Composite BNC inputs for both analog and digital data from digital camcorders, VCR's, BetaCams and other video sources. Outputs include component, composite, S-Video, and optical and coaxial digital, providing the professional user full access to the superior video quality of DVD, and allowing for connection to professional and broadcast video monitors, as well as advanced display systems like plasma display panels and video walls.

Features include on-screen menu options, titling and DVD navigation capabilities. Users can label up to 99 titles using text buttons while in DVD-Video mode. The PRV-9000 also allows users the flexibility to pre-set chapter marks at the beginning of a recording session with options of zero, three, five or ten minute increments. In addition, users have the ability to view video thumbnails of specific titles while playing VR mode discs, enabling quick review and access of recorded information. The thumbnail capability is useful for quickly and easily identifying sections to be edited or deleted from the disc before finalization.