Prepare To Experience The Third Dimension Courtesy Of Pioneer DVD-Video Players

Pioneer's DVD-V7400 Industrial DVD-Video Player Helps Power 3-D Motion Simulator Thrill Rides

Visitors to the Boomtown Hotel and Casino are being transported to the third dimension as Pioneer's DVD-V7400 industrial DVD-Video players power InoTech's cutting edge motion simulator rides. Mere observers are transported to the outer limits as they experience the hair-raising thrill-rides and outer space encounters of the 3-D motion simulator. InoTech plans to upgrade more than 350 standard 2-D and 3-D theaters worldwide to 3DVD Video in the coming two years, giving the "big screen" new life.

To bring 3DVD excitement to motion simulation theaters, InoTech needed to develop a high quality, cost-effective and durable system to withstand the rigors of daily use in a motion simulator environment. Originally, InoTech used film projectors to project images in their motion simulation theaters. However, with the dawn of 3-D technology in motion theaters, the costs and maintenance for using film became too great. As a result, numerous theaters turned to a computer hard drive system to produce the 3-D imaging they desired. While providing high quality 3-D images, the computer system was a difficult and expensive platform to convert to for motion simulation theaters.

Facing these challenges, InoTech turned to develop 3DVD with Pioneer's DVD-V7400 industrial DVD player, which offered high quality video and reliable image playback for the company's theaters worldwide. Pioneer's DVD-V7400 represented the ideal solution to provide the unparalleled simplicity and constant reliability necessary for high use entertainment environments. The transition to DVD-Video provided InoTech with countless new possibilities to bring high quality 3-D imaging to the big screen.

"As it turns out, Pioneer's industrial DVD-Video player was the perfect link to create a cost-effective, high quality 3-D imaging presentation system for motion simulators worldwide," said Julian Angus, president and co-founder of InoTech, Inc. "The player features all the capabilities that enable us to playback 3-D images. Through the player's computer connection port, our software was able to synchronize frame to frame between multiple players, making Pioneer's DVD-V7400 the ideal medium to assist us in providing the latest in 3-D technology."

With the seamless frame search capabilities of Pioneer's DVD-Video player, InoTech was able to create the optimum system to display 3-D images. Without the ability to synchronize the DVD players, InoTech could not have created "true" 3-D content. In addition, the RS-232C port of Pioneer's player allows for connection to an outside source such as a computer or other external control device. This features gave InoTech the ability to create playback commands for specific motion rides and create custom software to ensure precise synchronization of video images for the 3-D simulators. "High quality video images and unmatched reliability make the DVD-V7400 an excellent choice for applications like InoTech's 3DVD installations," said Linda Toleno, vice president of sales and marketing for Pioneer's Business Solutions Division. "The players' ease of integration allows for seamless operation with other equipment in the system."

InoTech was able to develop an effective and durable system built around the Pioneer DVD-Video player. InoTech,s propriatory software containing video entertainment content professionally mastered on a disc, is played back by Pioneer's DVD-Video player and then sent to a scan doubler before being projected to the screen to help prevent image quality degradation. High-resolution projectors then display the images on the screen to deliver the 3-D content to the audience.

Thrill seekers can currently experience InoTech's explosive 3DVD rides at the Boomtown Hotel and Casino in Reno, and Boomtown Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. As InoTech converts over 350 motion simulator theaters to DVD-Video worldwide, 3-DVD entertainment will continue to take the country by storm.

InoTech, Inc. is an international leader in production, distribution and exhibition of exciting movie-based attractions shown in large format theaters worldwide.

Inotech was founded in 1996 by Julian G. Angus and Annette Preston. Julian Angus developed the motion and show control software for the Motion Master, Transporter, Gemini Six and Freedom Six motion platforms while working as Vice President of Engineering for Omni Films, now Iwerks Entertainment. For more information on 2DVD / 3DVD and theater upgrades, please contact Annette Preston at (480) 837-7757.