Third-Party Manufacturers Take Advantage of Pioneer Purevision Plasma Open Architecture Expansion Slot. Multiple Companies Provide End Users with Expansion Card Options

Multiple manufacturers are launching expansion boards for use with the open architecture expansion slot on Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. PureVision™ plasma displays. The expansion slot was developed to enable third-party manufacturers to create mountable expansion boards, thereby increasing the future capabilities of the plasma displays with new emerging technologies. System integrators and end-users will be offered numerous expansion boards for high definition, video wall processing, wireless enabling, touch-screen capability and multi-PC functionality. Aurora Multimedia, ALTINEX, VideoWalls USA, and ADTEC are among the manufacturers developing distinctive expansion boards that will be available this year.

Both Pioneer's 43-inch PDP-433CMX and 50-inch PDP-503CMX offer the open architecture expansion slot which is compatible with DVI, FireWire (1394), TCP/IP and any other analog or digital data signal available now or in the future. The expansion slot allows for the addition or removal of various boards, providing end-users the ability to "future-proof" their investment as users' needs and technology changes.

"Within a year of introducing the first plasma display with an open architecture expansion slot, there are several manufacturers ready to market removable expansion boards. It's a great business opportunity for them and helps Pioneer to 'future proof' our plasma panels," said Craig McManis, vice president of marketing for the home entertainment division at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

Pioneer will demonstrate four expansion cards created by third party manufacturers at the Sands convention center in Las Vegas during INFOCOM booth #23069. Below is a listing of companies and cards being exhibited inside the Pioneer booth.

TV-Tuner- The TVP-1000, by Aurora Multimedia, is an integrated TV tuner, scaler, and switcher. It offers various multimedia inputs including an RF input (181 TV channels), video/S-video input, and a computer/component input. It also features high-resolution picture-in-picture capabilities such as multi-image PiP, and side-by-side images to support video conferencing and other multi-tasking uses. It's RS-232, Infra Red, and contact closure control make the card integrator friendly. Combining Aurora's TVP-1000 with Pioneer Electronics' PureVision plasmas creates the most advanced presentation and display solution.

CAT-5 Interface - With CAT-5 data cable pre-run in most buildings, using it for signal distribution is growing in popularity. ALTINEX is developing a CAT-5 expansion board to be used in conjunction with its extremely successful line of CAT-5 signal transmitters. The expansion card allows transmission of computer video, audio and RS-232 over CAT-5 cable and handles UXGA up to 250 feet and VGA up to 400 feet. In addition, it uses EQ control to compensate for long cable runs.

MPEG-2 Playback Expansion Card - Based on the successful edje( product, ADTEC is introducing a hard drive-based digital video player and network appliance designed for integration into global multimedia networks. It facilitates dynamic MPEG and Bitmap audio-visual presentations without the use of a personal computer. The edje-PDP provides a low cost digital signage and MPEG decode solution. By integrating ADTEC's proven MPEG technology into a card compatible with Pioneer's proven Plasma technology a lower cost highly reliable display solution is achieved. There is no need for external computer, decoder or video and audio cables, simply connect to the edje-PDP Ethernet interface and load content and schedules to deliver a stunning display system that integrates full motion MPEG 2 video.

Video Wall Processor Card - Designed to split signals among multiple plasma displays, this expansion board enables each plasma panel in a video wall to carry one section of the larger picture. In development by VideoWalls USA, it accepts composite, Y/C, SDI and can work up to an eight-by-eight image. VideoWalls USA also offers the capability to develop custom enlargement expansion cards, allowing an image to be split among an even larger quantity of plasma displays in a variety of configurations.

Developers that are interested in creating expansion boards for Pioneer's plasma displays should contact Josh Kairoff at 310-952-3062 for additional information.

The Industrial Display Group of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. is the leading provider of plasma and video display products for business use. Pioneer introduced the industry's first 50-inch high definition plasma display in 1997 and continues to deliver innovative third-generation display solutions for professional audio/video, information technology, trade show, broadcast, legal, medical, education and transportation applications. In an effort to provide the highest quality of customer care, Pioneer professional plasma displays that are purchased through an authorized dealer, include a one-year warranty with convenient on-site service and technical support.