Pioneer 43-inch plasma that features Expansion Solutions technology

  • Unique card slot feature
  • Limitless features and performance
  • High-end imagery

Pioneer has redefined application and integration for plasma display panels with the PDP-434CMX.  The Expansion Solutions card slot transforms the display into a solution in the boardroom, in the arena, in the bar, or wherever you need.  This flexibility coupled with industry leading energy efficiency, color reproduction, and image quality solidifies the PDP-434CMX’s position at the forefront of flat panel display technology.

Pioneer 43-inch plasma that features Expansion Solutions technology


  • Deep encased cell structures with True Matrix Imaging provides superior image quality.[Cell Structure Comparison].
    [Pioneer Deep Encased Cell Structure Comparison].
  • New Pure Color Filter II enables accurate color reproduction as well as reducing the effects of ambient light on picture quality.
    [CIE Chromoaticity Coordinates].
  • Pioneer plasma displays are the industry's first to pass Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) compatibility and compliance testing.
  • New ACE II (Advanced Continuous Emission II) technology processes color with a non-linear 10 bit grey scale producing smooth color transitions in low intensity images.
    [Gradation Reproduction in Low Brightness Range].
  • Innovative features that reduce burn-in include selectable image orbiting, inverse mode, selectable power control modes, and multiple color wash.
  • Energy Star Certified, achieving the lowest power consumption in the industry for plasma displays of its kind.
  • Expansion Solutions Card Slot technology allows interchangeable cards that add features and performance for current and future applications.
  • Slim (less than 4" deep), lightweight (less than 86 lbs) design makes mounting easy in a wide range of installations and applications.
  • Removable bezel designed for customization.
  • On-site service and support during the 1 year warranty period.
  • Industrial model comes standard with "feet" for tabletop usage.
  • PC and MAC compatible
  • Mini D-sub 15-pin analog RGB input
  • DVI-D 1.0 Digital Input

Optional Accessories:

Description File Size
PDP-434CMX Technical Manual version 3.0 23,285 kb
PDP_3rd Party Expansion Solutions Brochure 3,361 kb
Description File Size
PDP-434CMX Drivers for Windows (zip file contains 2 folders) 16,000 kb