Pioneer's top of the line Professional use XGA Plasma Display Undergoes full model change.


New True Matrix Imaging Technology Makes On-Screen Images Brighter Than Ever.
PIONEER's newly developed Encased Cell Structure ensures superior illumination efficiency by increasing phosphor surface area and eliminating light leakage from the neighboring above and below cells, thereby improving clarity in the vertical direction. In addition, this arrangement increases the amount of light produced, resulting in brighter on-screen images.

Black Stripes Greatly Improve Contrast especially in Bright Locations.
The new black stripes on the panel's non-luminous front section reduce the amount of external light reflected off the screen surface to effectively double the on-screen image contrast when the display is used in bright locations. Thanks to this innovation, viewers can enjoy sharp pictures, even under bright ambient lighting conditions, with no reduction in black contrast.

Improved Blue Phosphor Makes On-Screen Whites Even Whiter
PIONEER's new plasma display achieves more brilliant white reproduction thanks to the employment of an improved blue phosphor that features an improved illumination efficiency balance. The color temperature can be set by changing the color balance controls*. Our new phosphor development brings enhanced white reproduction and sharper contrast to every image.

These values have individually adjusted high and low levels.  Once adjusted, color balance settings can be set into one of two color memories for each type of input.   All of these adjustments can be done via a wireless remote or RS-232C control.

Digital High Density Image Scaling Technology achieves 8 Times the Normal NTSC Signal Density for the Ultimate in High-Picture Quality PIONEER's exclusive Digital Signal Processor (DSP) -Digital High Density Image Scaling Technology - uses progressive conversion to boosts the NTSC picture quality by first doubling interlaced signal to VGA level.  Then, by interpolation and estimation, doubles the information content in both the horizontal and vertical directions.  The result is an 8-fold increase in original signal density that optimizes picture reproduction. Together with the high-definition panel this technology ensures very smooth picture reproduction. 

Moreover, in an industry first, PIONEER's Digital High Density Image Scaling Technology also succeeds in doubling the 1080i HD signal density, which means viewers can enjoy superb high-definition pictures that no CRT-based system can match.

Continuous Emission Display Technology brings about Improved Contrast in Dark areas and completely eliminates False Contours
Most Plasma displays require a continuous fixed discharge level, known as the reset level, in order to display an image. The problem is that if this level is too high, it can produce negative display qualities. However, PIONEER's original Continuous Emission Display Technology has succeeded in almost eliminating the need for a Reset Level.  This allows the PDP-502MX to achieve a deeper and firmer black contrast for dark locations along with improved dark-scene gradation.
In addition, thanks to this new advance, PIONEER has completely eliminated the generation of false image contours.  False Contour is one of the greatest image problems with conventional plasma displays.  Pioneers PDP with Continuous Emission Display Technology achieves image reproduction quality previously not possible with existing plasma drive technology.

PIONEER's Digital Enhancer Achieves Clear, High-Resolution Pictures from All Input Signals Including PC, Video, etc.
To ensure the finest and clearest possible PC image reproduction, the PDP-502MX is equipped with PIONEER's exclusive Digital Enhancer signal processing circuitry. This development has resulted in a 1-dot unit image management and enhancement in both the horizontal and vertical directions.  This means that this model is capable of displaying fine text and graphics images from PC sources with much more clarity than pre-existing plasma displays. Accordingly, the PDP-502MX is the ideal display for a wide variety of presentation tasks.

High Brightness and High Contrast
The PDP-502MX reproduces remarkably bright and high-contrast pictures while maintaining a high level of resolution. Thanks to a newly developed display panel that pushes the limits of illumination efficiency and to a newly developed drive sequence technology.
The new panel is 160% brighter than the previous model and its contrast ratio is improved at 280% of the precedent.

High Picture Quality and Superb Clarity
Due to quantum advancements with the principal signal processing system, and the adoption of several new innovations, the PDP-502MX is capable of exceptionally clear and high-resolution reproduction of pictures from a host of signal sources including HDTV, PC and standard video.

A true native XGA Display Compatible with SXGA and UXGA
The PDP-502MX is equipped with a 980,000-pixel (1280 x 768 dot) 50-inch high-resolution Plasma panel. This full-specification display accepts standard PC signals ranging from VGA (640 x 480 pixel) to UXGA (1600 x 1200 pixel) and everything in-between.
What's more, the full 1280 x 768 pixel display can be used in a 16:9 native mode with an exclusive PC card or driver.  Thanks to the high resolution and large signal bandwidth, the PDP-502MX is also compatible with HDTV signals from an optional tuner.

Versatile, Flexible, Slim Design
The PDP-502MX offers integrators and designers versatile installation options to suit virtually any application. Compare to the previous model, this model now produces 17% less heat and has an advanced environmental tolerance device which simultaneously reduces operating noise at 23%. The unit, although 50 diagonal inches, is surprisingly light weight and is one of the slimmest available on the market. With the 160 degree viewing angle, both vertically and horizontally, this plasma panel can be viewed from almost anywhere. The PDP-502MX can be integrated into new and existing applications with ease.

A Full Lineup of Professional Features and Functions

  • The PDP-502MX is equipped with a host of control and display features and functions that professional users will find invaluable, such as:
  • User and integrator adjustment modes
  • Precise white balance adjustment
  • External RS-232 control interface
  • Descrete input and function control
  • White balance switching function
  • Tools for managing image shadowing
  • A wealth of input terminals (4 sets of inputs + 2 sets of outputs)
  • Audio amplifier (2 W x 2W)
  • Key lock function
  • Operating status monitor
  • Four mode display orientation (Up/Down and Left/Right Reverse mode)
  • Power management function
  • An OSD (On-Screen Display) ON/OFF function.

Optional Side-Mount Speakers PDP-S03-LR
These vertical twin-system slim-type speaker systems are designed for mounting on both sides of the plasma display.  Each combines a dome-type tweeter sandwiched between two woofers. Realizing extremely efficient audio reproduction for such a compact design, these speakers clearly reproduce a full range of audio sources.

  • Max. Output: 12 W / 8 ohms
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 2-29/32" x 3-27/32" x 28-1/8" (74 x 98 x 714 mm)
  • Weight: 5 lbs. 15 oz (2.7 kg) x 2

Technical Specifications

Screen Size  50" diagonal 
Aspect Ratio  16:9 
Pixels  1280 Horizontal/768 Vertical 
Colors  16.8 Million (24 bit) 
View Angle  160 (Horizontal) 160 (Vertical) 
Dimensions  47 - 31/32 (W) X 28-1/8 (H) X 3 -7/8 (D) in.
Weight  40.3 kg (88 lbs) 
Power  470W 
Inputs  NTSC Composite, RGB, XGA 
High Definition 720p or 1080i


Description File Size
PDP-502MX General Specifications 469 kb
PDP-502MX Technical Manual (version 2.0) 4,305 kb
PDP-502MX RS-232C Command Protocol Manual 147 kb
PC input signal compatibility chart 7 kb
Comparison between a PDP-502MX & a PDP-505HD 23 kb
Product Information Bulettin # 351304: Remote control for the PDP-502MX 249 kb
Product Information Bulletin # 351305:_How to Adjust Picture Sharpness on the PDP-502MX 142 kb
Product Information Bulletin # 351306: Controlling Multiple Displays with One Computer 113 kb