For the effective presentation of images and data, the PDP-503CMX is simply the best choice.

Saying "this is the best choice you can make in a display monitor" is a bold claim, but once you know the facts, we're confident you will agree. Building on the inherent advantages of the plasma display system and flat screen, Pioneer has taken plasma display performance to an entirely new level. Our technology, praised by numerous independent reviewers as the world's best, has been further improved. Reliability and durability are even more impressive than before, and operating ease and versatility have both been upgraded. We've eve made this display energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Any way you look at it, the PDP-503CMX is the best choice for professional display applications.



  • The improved True Matrix Imaging with deep encased cell structure provides the highest image quality resulting in a brightness that is 60% greater than Pioneer's previous models.
    [Cell Structure Comparison].
    [Pioneer Deep Encased Cell Structure Comparison].
  • New Pure Color Filter improves the ability to reject external light reflections, making the PDP-503CMX ideal for bright retail environments.
    [CIE Chromoaticity Coordinates].
  • Pioneer's plasma displays are the industry's first to receive the Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) certification and compliance.
  • Improved Advanced Continuous Emission Display Technology now with 10-bit signal processing. This improvements produces smooth, accurate low intensity images about 16 times better than other PDPs.
    [Gradation Reproduction in Low Brightness Range].
  • New features to reduce the chance of image burn-in include selectable image orbiting, inverse mode and selectable Power Control modes.
  • Power Management mode that reduces stand-by power consumption at 1W. This efficiency satisfies the standards of the international Energy Star Program.
  • The PDP-503CMX's Power Control mode reduces power consumption by 20% compared to the previous model, which achieves the lowest power consumption in the industry in the 50" plasma XGA class.
  • Expansion Slot Technology offers infinite flexibility, making the PDP-503CMX a future proof investment. Future boards could include, DVI, firewire, picture in picture, SDI and web browser.
  • Slim (less than 4" deep), lightweight (less than 86 lbs) design make it easy to mount in a wide range of installations and applications.
  • More than a 160º viewing angle.
  • Removable bezel for customization.
  • On-site service & support standard in the 1 year warranty.
  • Professional model comes standard with feet for table top usage.
  • Industrial model was built to run 24 x 7 x 365.
  • PC and MAC compatible.

Optional Accessories:

Description File Size
PDP-503CMX General Specifications 638 kb
PDP-503CMX Technical Manual ( Zip file ) 15,563 kb
PDP-503CMX_RS-232C Command Protocol Manual 1,071 kb
PDP-503CMX Brochure 5,287 kb
PDA-5002 Video Card for the Plasma 110 kb
PDK-50HW3 Plasma Touch Handwriting Device's Operating Instructions 4,454 kb
PDK-50HW3 Brochure 1,663 kb
PDP 3rd Party Expansion Solutions Brochure 3,361 kb
Description File Size
PlasmaTrol, an RS-232 controler for the Plasma Display 825 kb