Next generation plasma technology with 50 inches of superb imagery

  • Pioneer Expansion Solutions card slot feature
  • Exclusive PureDrive technology 
  • True-to-life imagery

The PDP-504CMX does not disappoint as the anxiously awaited next generation plasma display from Pioneer.  With redesigned drive circuitry, called Pure Drive, this panel offers more control and flexibility then ever before.  The innovative Expansion Solutions card slot customizes the application of the display by changing out the card.  Throw in Energy Star efficiency, special integration features, and a robust service network and you have a plasma display panel that redefines how plasma display monitors ought to be.


  • Deep encased cell structures with True Matrix Imaging provides superior image quality.[Cell Structure Comparison].
    [Pioneer Deep Encased Cell Structure Comparison].
  • New Pure Color Filter II enables accurate color reproduction as well as reducing the effects of ambient light on picture quality.
    [CIE Chromoaticity Coordinates].
  • Pioneer plasma displays are the industry's first to pass Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) compatibility and compliance testing.
  • New ACE II (Advanced Continuous Emission II) technology processes color with a non-linear 10 bit grey scale producing smooth color transitions in low intensity images.
    [Gradation Reproduction in Low Brightness Range].
  • Innovative features that reduce burn-in include selectable image orbiting, inverse mode, selectable power control modes, and multiple color wash.
  • Energy Star Certified, achieving the lowest power consumption in the industry for plasma displays of its kind.
  • Expansion Solutions Card Slot technology allows interchangeable cards that add features and performance for current and future applications.
  • Slim (less than 4" deep), lightweight (less than 86 lbs) design makes mounting easy in a wide range of installations and applications.
  • Removable bezel designed for customization.
  • On-site service and support during the 1 year warranty period.
  • Industrial model comes standard with "feet" for tabletop usage.
  • PC and MAC compatible
  • Mini D-sub 15-pin analog RGB input
  • DVI-D 1.0 Digital Input

Optional Accessories:

Description File Size
Product Brochure 2,923 kb
PDP-504CMX Technical Manual version 3.0 22,285 kb
PDP504CMX_RS232C-Command Protocol Manual 527 kb
PDK-50HW3 Plasma Touch Handwriting Device operating instructions 4,454 kb
PDK-50HW3 Brochure 1,663 kb
PDP 3rd Party Expansion Solutions Brochure 3,361 kb
Description File Size
PDK-50HW3 Touchscreen Driver version 1.0 2,241 kb
PDK-50HW3 Touchscreen Driver version 1.2 1,799 kb
PDP-50xCMX Drivers (zip file contains 2 folders) 16,000 kb