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Hundreds of Thousands of Minute Specks of Radiating Energy Opening Our Minds to Limitless Possibilities Has Pioneer Unlocked the Mysteries of the Universe? 

THE PDP-V401 Pioneer's Full Color 40" Plasma Display Panel

Not unlike stars in the night sky, Pioneer's Plasma Display Panel depends on gas reactions to radiate light and capture the imagination.

Pioneer has created the industry's brightest and most compact 40" Plasma Display Panel. Using advanced technology, the PDP-V401 displays an image superior to LCD, CRT, front or rear projection screens in only a fraction of the space. 

The Basics of Plasma 

The basis of Pioneer's system is our unique square Plasma cells which yield exceptionally high on-screen brightness through the application of the world's most advanced Plasma cell structure. The complicated structure of the cell is all contained within a diminutive 1.26mm X 1.26mm shell. Cells function through the application of electric charges to rare gases contained within. Charges produce ultraviolet radiation which energizes phosphors causing them to emit light, generating visible radiation that emerges through the front of the color PDP's face glass substrate, combining with the light from adjacent pixels to create an image. The PDP-V401 combines 281,000 of these minute plasma cells into a flat screen design to produce the clearest, brightest image with no distortion edge to edge or from any angle.

Plasma Applications

Plasma Display Panel (PDP) technology has begun to revolutionize the field of large screen display. Our conveniently sized PDP-V401 unit has a chassis that is only slightly larger than the actual screen itself. Slim and lightweight with versatile mounting features, this model propels Pioneer to the forefront of the PDP field. 

Lightweight and flexible, The PDP-V401 works well in any public arena 

These advanced, affordable devices are perfect for public display applications where large crowds need to see large, eye-catching messages or images without the use of a projector.

Perfect for any public venues including:
* Convention Centers
* Sports Arenas 
* Exhibition Sites 
* Event Sites 
* Malls 
* Retail Stores 
* Airports 
* Rail Stations 
* Lecture Halls
* Classrooms 
* Conference Rooms
* Video Production Studios 
* Museums 
* Theaters 
* Tourist Sites

In addition to these features, the PDP-V401 has multiple inputs which allow flawless reproduction of both video and computer images (VGA/Mac). Inputs can be controlled via an easy-to-use infrared remote control which allows you to use many of the functions. The PDP-V401 also has a RS-232 port provided for computer control of images. 

We have designed this PDP with specific attention to the commercial applications of business and industry. Full of features that utilize the most advanced technology available, the PDP-V401 is a must-have product for anyone in the public display video field. 

40-inch Diagonal Screen Size
Ideally suited for a wide range of public display applications, the PDP-V401 has a 40-inch screen allowing detailed video, text or computer-generated images to be viewed clearly from a distance of up to several yards. 

Compatible aspect ratio
With a 4:3 aspect ratio that matches traditional TV, Video and computer generated multi-media images, the PDP-V401 can be seamlessly integrated into companies utilizing this standard.

400 cd/m2 High Brightness:
Pioneer has developed the world's most advanced Plasma cell structure technology to allow the PDP-V401 to achieve exceptionally high on-screen brightness levels as high as 400 cd/m2. 

150:1 High Contrast:
The PDP-V401 is able to produce whiter whites and darker darks than previously possible, achieving an impressive contrast ratio of 150:1 

Outstanding Image Quality:
Pioneer's Plasma technology allows the PDP-V401 to display rich, full-color images representing 256 gray-scale definition and a whopping 16.7 million colors, without the picture noise often associated with a traditional Plasma display. This unit is truly a next-generation display device-- a superior display that offers outstanding image quality. 

Slim, Lightweight Design: In spite of its large, 40-inch viewable area, the PDP-V401 is very easy to install. With overall dimensions of 36" (W) X 28" (H) X 3.5" (D) and a weight of under 67 lbs., this display can be mounted in all types of locations in which a comparably sized CRT would require much more depth. 

Versatile Installation Capability:
Applying our unrivaled experience in creating industrial, large-screen display systems, we've designed the PDP-V401 for flexible installation ready to meet the user's application needs. The rear panel comes mounting-ready with several pre-drilled screw holes to fit any ceiling, wall or desktop installation. 

Multimedia Capability: 
In addition to NTSC capability, this model also accepts digital (640 X 480, VGA) which means computer-generated text, graphics or video output can be displayed on the big screen. 

Unique Added Features:
In addition to outperforming all its rivals, the PDP-V401 incorporates many useful features unavailable on other Plasma displays, including an integrator mode and a key lock option. 

Wide 160¼ Viewing Angle: 
A significant advantage PDP's hold over LCD or other displays is a much wider 160¼ viewing angle both horizontally and vertically, allowing a larger audience to enjoy a clear view of the screen. 

Precise Image Characteristics:
Plasma displays produce images by adjusting the brightness, color and contrast of each pixel on the screen, so there is absolutely no difference in potential brightness between center pixels and the corners and edges. Additionally, the use of square pixels and a flat screen design yields image reproduction free from the edge distortion that is common in CRT displays. 

Free From Magnetic Field Distortion: 
Unlike CRTs, Plasma displays don't employ an electron beam to they are completely unaffected by magnetic fields. In practical terms, once adjusted the PDP-V401 may be located close to loud-speakers or other sources of magnetism without picture distortion. 

Technical Specifications
Screen Size:
806mm x 604mm (40" Diagonal)
Aspect Ratio:
640 Horizontal / 480 Vertical
Pixel Pitch:
1.26mm(RGB Trio) x 1.26mm
16.7 Million (24 bit)
400 cd/m2 @ Peak White
View Angle:
160¡ Horizontal / 160¡ Vertical
946mm(W) x 740mm(H) x 100mm(D)
30 kg (66 lbs)
110v AC 
NTSC Composite, RGB, VGA
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