Industrial Plasma Standard Model Undergoes Further Evolution


Taking Versatility a  Step Further
While inheriting the previous model's slim dimensions (depth: less than 3.5 inches) and light weight (less than 68 lbs.), the PDP-V402 boasts improved environmental tolerance and even greater installation flexibility.  A wealth of versatile installation fixtures are available.

Even Higher Brightness and Higher Picture Quality
The PDP-V402's enhanced drive power efficiency translates into 130% brighter on-screen video images than the previous model. Employment of black stripe panel and improved filter results in improved contrast in bright locations and clearer color expression.

Flexible Compatibility with a Wide Range of Input Signals
The PDP-V402 clearly displays video signals, Y-C (s-vhs), RGB and VGA (640 x 480 pixel) PC signals. 

When linked with PIONEER's optional PDA-4003 high-performance down converter, this display is compatible with a wide range of PC signals up to XGA (1,024 x 768 dot). Additionally the converter?s multi-step interpolation largely resolves the problem of information "drop" in the case of small characters or fine details.  This ensures razor-sharp on-screen reproduction of all images. The end result is that no matter what kind of singles you send it, the PDP-402 produces high quality flicker free progressive scan images..

4 : 3 Aspect Ratio
The PDP-V402 employs the industry standard 4 : 3 aspect ratio, which allows full video images to be displayed without the need for editing or re-shooting.  The 4:3 aspect ratio is extremely important when using material that for whatever reason cannot be stretched or distorted

Perfected Functions Exclusive to PIONEER's Industrial-Use Models

  • This plasma display is equipped with a host of features especially designed for industrial users.
  • User and integrator adjustment modes
  • Precise white balance adjustment
  • External RS-232 control
  • Discrete input and function control
  • White balance-switching function
  • Pixel response compensator
  • A wealth of input terminals with professional connectors
  • Key lock function
  • Operating status monitor
  • Priority input switching mode
  • OSD (On-Screen Display) ON/OFF function

Optional Side-Mount Speakers PDP-S03-LR
These vertical twin-system slim-type speaker systems are designed for mounting on both sides of the plasma display.  Each combines a dome-type tweeter sandwiched between two woofers. Realizing extremely efficient audio reproduction for such a compact design, these speakers clearly reproduce a full range of audio sources.

  • Max. Output: 12 W / 8 ohms
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 2-29/32" x 3-27/32" x 28-1/8" (74 x 98 x 714 mm)
  • Weight: 5 lbs. 15 oz (2.7 kg) x 2
Technical Specifications
Screen Size:
806mm x 604mm (40" Diagonal)
Aspect Ratio:
640 Horizontal / 480 Vertical
Pixel Pitch:
1.26mm(RGB Trio) x 1.26mm
View Angle:
160 Horizontal / 160 Vertical
946mm(W) x 740mm(H) x 100mm(D)
30.8 kg (66 lbs)
350 W
NTSC Composite, RGB, VGA
Description File Size
PDP-402 General Specifications 347 kb
PDP-V402 Technical Manual 3,159 kb
PDA-4003 Down-Converter chart 7 kb
Description File Size
pcube, an application to control and balance plasma color 129 Kb