TD-4002 | TD-4002Z


What makes the TD-4002 from TAD (Technical Audio Devices) so well suited for professional applications is its wide 600Hz to 20kHz frequency response and high 110dB/W output efficiency. There's more of course. The TD-4002 also features a pure beryllium diaphragm, an aluminum edge-wound voice coil, a 5-slit phase plug, a rear compression system which suppresses cavity resonance, and a lightweight neodymium magnetic circuit.

Dependability is ensured by the tremendous care and precision which goes into the manufacture of TAD products. The TD-4002 is assembled using only selected parts and materials under strictly controlled conditions. All products are tested by experienced engineers utilizing the latest in computerized evaluation techniques.

Whatever your audio needs, you can depend on TAD for unequaled performance and reliability.

TD-4002 SPECIFICATIONS Nominal Impedance: 16 ohms. Frequency Response: 600 to 20,000Hz (when suitable horn mounted). Voice Coil Diameter: 4 inches (101mm). Phasing Plug: 5 slit rear type. Throat Connection Diameter: 2 inches (50.8mm). Mounting Pitch: 4 inches (101mm) for 4 holes. Crossover Frequency 600Hz or higher (-12dB/oct.). Rated Input: 30 watts (for crossover frequency of 600Hz, -12dB/oct.). Maximum Input: 60 watts (for crossover frequency of 600Hz, -12dB/oct.). Output Sound Pressure Level: 110dB/W (1m). Total Magnetic Flux: 246,000Mx. Magnetic Flux Density: 21,500G. Dimensions (diameter x depth): 6-7/8 x 6-5/16 inches /173 x 161mm. Weight: 14 lbs. 5 oz.16.5kg. Accessories: Instruction manual.