Designed specifically to handle the increased average power that today's amplifiers deliver. In terms of sound, emphasis is placed on low distortion and low coloration.
VOICE COIL. A high maximum input of 500 watts is achieved through the use of an edgewise-wound, long-travel voice coil. Making more use of the flux within the magnetic gap, this voice coil provides higher transducing efficiency. Moreover, high linearity is maintained over a long distance for lower distortion. Both the voice-coil bobbin and the adhesive are made of a highly heat-resistant material to permit high maximum input.
MAGNETIC CIRCUIT. Weighing 2kg (4.4 lbs.), a powerful ferrite magnet combines a high flux density of 11,800G and low distortion. This, along with a long-travel voice coil and new rear suspension design, contributes to the high operating efficiency of 97dB/W (1m).
DIAPHRAGM. Rigidity and light weight of the diaphragm permits the unit to withstand high-amplitude inputs for low-distortion output. The corrugated cloth surround is coated with a damping material to make diaphragm movement more linear and discourage cone breakup.
HOUSING. Warp-proof and non-resonating, the heavy die-cast aluminum frame precisely centers the diaphragm for accurate low-distortion sound reproduction.
CROSSOVER. We recommended that the dividing network (low-pass filter) for the TL-1603 use a crossover frequency of 900Hz or lower, and a attenuating slope of 12dB/oct. or 18dB/oct.

TL-1603 SPECIFICATIONS Voice coil impedance: 8 ohms. Lowest resonance frequency (fo): 28Hz. Frequency range: 28 - 1,000Hz. Rated input power: 200 watts. Maximum input power: 500 watts. Sound pressure level: 97dB/W (1m). Equivalent mass (infinite baffle): 4.1 oz./l17g. Qo: 0.31 (fo = 28Hz). Total magnetic flux: 260,000 maxwells. Magnetic flux density: 11,800 gauss. Baffle opening (diameter): 13-7/8 inches/352mm. Mounting dimensions (diameter): 14-9/16 inches/370mm. Weight: 20 lbs. 15 oz./9.5kg. Outer dimensions (diameter x depth): 15-3/4 x 5-13/16 inches/400 x 148mm.