Breathe some new life into your iPod with these stylish SE-CL30 european ear bud headphones, available in the US only from Pioneer. These high performance ear buds offer deep bass and sweet sounding treble, along with 3 differently sized caps to fit your head comfortably.

The SE-CL30 headphones will bring a new level of quality to any portable media device you own.

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"Better sound and fit for your iPod" - Covey
(Rating: 5 Stars )

Wanted better sound quality than the headphones that came with my iPod. These have much better sound and fit than my iPod buds. A great purchase, all my music sounds better.

I like the cord style, with one side longer than the other. With my iPod buds I always had a problem wearing my shuffle in my pocket. The even cord always caused one side or another to get dislodged. The uneven cord is great, I can stick the one side around the back of my head and keep my shuffle in the opposing pocket. In addition I don't have to worry about getting tangled in the cord in the front when I am running.

"Very Stylish, but a little pricey" - Rachel D.
(Rating: 3.5 Stars )

My first impression out of the box is that these headphones are definitely stylish. I used them with my iPod the gym. They are a comfortable and snug fit and proved to be a talking point, which is a plus if you want to strike up a conversation with new friends : - ) I don't know why but I was expecting them to cancel out a little more background noise than they did, but definitely an improvement on my old ones. You can however, definitely still hear the hum of the treadmills. I noticed a difference in sound quality, but not as much as I was expecting. I like the fact that they don't fall out of your ears and there are no pesky little bits of foam to lose. I miss the little slider from my iPod speakers which stops the wires from getting all tangled up, and the wires on these headphones seem to have a "memory" for the last way they were wound up which is a little annoying and looks cheap. I would love to see them produced with different colored wires specifically white to match my iPod after all it's all about the cosmetics! At $39.99 they are a little pricey for what they are but definitely a step up in both sound quality and style from the $20 pairs.

One final comment... this type of earbud headphone is definitely an added incentive for the regular use of cotton buds!

"Great quality for the price" - Dean Dunlap
(Rating: 4 Stars )

The sound quality for the value ($40-$50) was incredible. Strong bass and definitive treble. Able to block outside noise. Very lightweight cord, which is important when your using the headphones to exercise. The only drawback was the uneven ear cords. They seemed to get stuck on one side of my face too often. But I just read here that I am suppose to be wearing the long side behind the back of my head. I am going to try that.

"These headphones have it all" - Michael Cronshey
(Rating: 4.5 Stars )

The Pioneer SE-CL30 ear bud headphones are very easy to fall in love with. It is hard to find a single problem with what seems to be, Pioneer's only ear bud headphone available in the United States. The SL-CL30 headphones offer and boast many great features that are needed in a fantastic pair of headphones. For example, many ear bud headphone have a problem where comfort is lost to the design. Pioneer has managed to flawlessly a very practical and comfortable pair of headphones. While using the headphones at the gym I was able to run without the headphones falling out once, which is a common problem amongst many ear bud designs. Not only did the headphones stay in my ears, but they proved to remain comfortable throughout my hour-long workout. In addition to comfort, the sound quality is definitely above par. It is amazing that such a small device is able to produce great sounding highs and lows. The bass is pure and solid while the treble is crisp and strong and thus, pleasing to the ear. Whatever your taste in music, these headphones are capable of getting the most out of your music. Furthermore, the headphones simply look great with their brushed silver accents. I am also glad to see that more companies are starting to release the around-the-neck headphone style that has been popular in Europe and Asia. The around-the-neck style is very convenient because you can let the headphones rest around your neck when they are out of your ears. The length of the cord is also more than long enough to allow for your audio device to sit in your pocket or in your bag. After spending a week with these headphones I have no problem recommending them to anyone that does not want to suffer from a loss in comfort to quality. To put it simply, these headphones have it all.

"Forget the iPod Buds and grab a pair of these" - A. Gaiha
(Rating: 5 Stars )

Stunning headphones in tiny size. The first in-ear headphones I have ever liked.


  1. Awesome sound quality. There is tremendous bass in these tiny little things, and the sound is clear and beautiful. In my experience, the sound quality on most headphones of this type is mediocre at best. This one proves me wrong.
  2. Comfort: The pair comes with not one, not two, but three sizes for the earphone part. You can swap out the rubber ends for the size you like. The size of these things has always been an issue with me, and these things are a godsend. I swapped out the medium sized ones that come by default for the smallest ones. They are so much more comfortable.


None! Ditch your iPod phones for these.

"Incredibly comfortable, fell asleep with them on" - Corey C.
(Rating: 4 Stars )

- When inserting headphones into ears it's the same sound/feel one has when putting on noise canceling headphones (this gives a promising foreshadowing)
- on an airplane they are a fantastic fit, easily block out noise w/o having to jack up the volume, they are also very comfortable to sleep on, putting head up against window or seat, they are not even noticeable
- the cord is a different length, an obvious indicator that it should be warn behind the neck, however the "short" side is too short - it got tugged out a few times. running or working out: these are not optimal (mainly b/c of the short length of the "short" cord), they fell out a few times
- I stuck with the medium sized "inserts"/"covers" which seemed to be a good fit for me overall
- I have mixed feelings about the length of the main cord, sometimes it seemed just right and long enough, but other times it seemed about 3-4inches too long
- incredibly comfortable, a natural fit for/into the ear, will use for travel (ideal)

"Comes with "pillows" in different sizes" - T. Jacobs
(Rating: 4.5 Stars )

Comes with "pillows" in different sizes, sounds good, cord must be worn around the back of neck.

"I really like the new earbuds" - B. Barlow
(Rating: 5 Stars )

I really like the new earbuds, they sound great and are way more comfortable than the traditional earbuds that I got with my IPOD. I would recomend them to anyone.

"I was so impressed with these that I ordered a second pair" - Jim Surinck
(Rating: 5 Stars )

Awesome realistic sound. Great bass compared to many others that I have tried. Fit is very comfortable and does not hurt your ears after extened periods of use. I was so impressed with these that I ordered a second pair to have as my backups.You will not be disappointed. For the price, it's right, It's Pioneer all the way.Thanks Pioneer.Love them.

"Sound quality is great" - Josh
(Rating: 4 Stars )

Sound quality is great, cosmetics are great, cord is way too short.

"They're head and shoulders above the standard ear-buds that came with my iPod" - Tim B.
(Rating: 5 Stars )

I'm very impressed with these ear-buds. The sound is spectacular, they are extremely light weight and comfortable, and they stay in securely. For the price they're a great bargain. They're head and shoulders above the standard ear-buds that came with my iPod. I highly recommend them.

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